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  • tom7 ·

    I did not follow the whole powder coating thread, so please excuse the questions if they were answered.

    - Do I have to/should I remove the wheel bearings for a rim set?

    - Can I drop off and pick up rims at your place? I live just outside Philly.

    elflaco ·
    How close to stock color its that blue u did on Hazcom86 bike i have a blue candy plasma 2007 zx10r and how much will it be to get 2 zx14rims done on that color?
    or10r ·
    Aww man! CONGRATS on bein a Dad!!! Thats the coolest thing a guy could ever be as far as Im concerned!! My Pops was my hero and my best friend. Wouldnt be who I am without him so its awesome that you can be that for your new little one. Sounds like your makin good progress on the 10 too man. Its gonna look amzing and I really do dig the scheme you got goin. Post some pics when you get a chance.
    Tafkad ·
    I searched High and low for Jeff and I'm giving up. Did you ever decide on a place for you headwork and are you happy with it?
    Coonsy ·
    May have just been some bad fuel - still have a bit of a "hole" in my map that I need to fix, but that complete "die" I was experiencing went away after a couple tanks of gas. Not sure if something just partially blocked the fuel pump or what, so when I hit that weak map spot, it was just enough to cut nearly all flow...back to "normal" now.
    Tafkad ·
    Do you have Jeff from JNM Motorsports contact information? I couldn't find his information on your posting.
    Dee-zx10r ·
    whats up... im trying to powder coat my rims on my gen1 zx10r and i dont know which powder coat would work the best to match it with my forks which are gold/bronze any help would be apriciated... thnx
    Buxcustoms ·
    Hey I just saw this post now.
    Sounds great, spread the word. Stay posted on Facebook for weekly jobs I've done. Thanks again.
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