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Remember when i said all manufactories and all companies in automotive industry from all around the world at any kind are watching me, my modifications, and my products????! I didn't lie! Take a look at this picture to see it by yourself!

When i said i am going to leave the forum if not a moderator does not stop the none senses or at least i become moderator to do that, i was serious!!! I actually deleted my all messages and the 6 friend request that i was waiting over 6month for the members to log in! I came back because i saw many of you were saying we were joking and reconsider.... well, i care about you and i thought if i want to test you i should test you right away not 3 years later! That was why i came back! The thread that i make Damn!!!!!!! i miss you!! was actually Damn! I miss you!!! you don’t' see a difference; there is a big difference!

Before i take off i have some word with you!
On the thread "finding the right weight of 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R", some people referred my traffic accidents to the people of Iran and said that all Iranian drivers are dangerous and called the Iran names that truly was unfair. People of Iran are doctors, Scientifics, astronomics , poets, heroes and lovers. I am not trying to say Iranians are better than this country or that country; I just want to say that if i did something wrong is related to me and nobody else. If somebody from a country do a crime it does not mean all the people from that country are criminal. That need to be said!

It is 5:01am and it is 23 hours that i didn't sleep and after 15 hours being online finishing my work here, my body is shaking of the lack of energy! As today Sunday may 30th 2010 i have posted 1111 pictures and I just finished updating all of their information. I am a member for less than 11 month and my profile got viewed over 5000times. I post 277 post that each of them has a definition and has a reason that was posted. I am going to leave this forum but that does not mean I am going to leave you! I am always with you! You can message me at [email protected] and you can always find out about me, my projects, and my products by searching Shervin Rezaiy and COME ON BABY on any regular search engine website.
My friends will be my friends regardless of any matter that is not related to them!

Love, care, and peace
I never forget you and i prayer God to make me more postive, more succesful, and more helpful every day.

I love you all!
Shervin Rezaiy

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