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I tested my bike before rain when the sky was cloudy and the small rain start to sit on the ground but the floor was not wet yet very slippery and dangerous, during the rain, and after the rain.
My favorite test riding was after the rain that the rain just had stopped but the ground was completly wet and full of water. That was my favorite becasue i didn't get wet. Many times in the rain i got home with a pants that looks likes just came out from a washer machine....what a memories...we get old so fast...i wish i could know what the next world is....

This picture was taken on November 2008, Yesterday (or actually the day before yesterday March 4th 2010) Los Angeles was raining again; I didn't go riding yesterday not becasue i dont' want to but because i was controling my self to not drive (i still have suspention on my driver licence) It's just like everybody else is eating candy while you know better than everyone else how to eat a candy and you have it in your hand but doctor says don't eat it!

I feel super powerfull everytime that i want to ride and drive so bad but i kill my feelings and i am telling to my self "baby! just wait alittle more; it will finish!"

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Nice day for a ride!
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