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Remember in the thread "Learn!" -


- i told you riding in street, highways, and any roads or way is harder than riding in a track?! Here is a good example for you! A rider is riding his bike on the 2 paralell lines (2 parallel lines in traffic has the defenetion of no lane change internationaly and it is known for all drivers of all vehicles), suddenly a driver -in a vehicle that is next to the 2 parallel lanes- crosses the 2 parallel lines! The rider was not prepare and did not expect an action like that and is not able to stop the bike; The rider crashes into the vehicle and fell down!!
The car passes the line on 2:18 and the accident happens instants after that right turn from the car! Take a look at this accident!


I don't want anybody to be involved in an accident, that is why these advises coming toward you!
Remember when you are driving, you are not the only role in next seconds! After some years of driving in differenet kinds of driving, you will earn some experience that i call it psychology of drivers, that you can guess the next movements of the vehicle you are looking; REMEMBER that even you are the most experienced driver in the world, your guess is not always right! In this accident, i believe that the rider didn't even think about a car passing a parallel lines and that is why this accident happens. Of course that van (the car) should not have passed the 2 parallel lines but remember when accident happens the only thing next is damage to your time, money, and lives or body members that you can achieve in any way so try to avoid accidents at all times. When you are driving/riding DO expect to see some mistakes or stupic movement or abnormal behaviors from the drivers, pedesterians, and all road surronding; Make sure you are ready to stop the bike at any instant you feel like it!
Make sure you can apply cluth, front brake, rear brake, and down shif at any time! Your fingers should be alert at all times on the clutch and brake lever and your feet should be alert to change to the desireable gear and push the rear brake pedal and expect the unexpections!
A good driver is the one who does not involves in an accident, instead he/she avoids it!


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Re: Learn

None of that makes sense!! I cannot read Sherv

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