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Ermax screen

Ermax screen

My dark smoke Ermax screen

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ysr50! I messeged you before and asked for several things, unfortenatly you were useless in all of them! you claimed that you are the adminestor of the forum; IF you are, please go delete the negative insultive posts on this forum's threads if you want to see me around! I am not going to messege you again in anyway if you failed to do any good regard to this messge! you were aware that blowndombie put ban on my account just for his pleasure and you were useless to make change anygood! Make sure you talk to him and take action if you want your forum to get better! you are keep looking at this thread and you are just watching like a newbi. you need to put your ass in work and delete the insultive posts; Take a look at this thread for example and delete any post that is insultive to any kind of group or has a bad word on it!


ysr50! remeber these Important facts!
1.www.ZX-10R.net gets supported by Kawasaki because of its members who do modifications on their bike and upload their pictures of their bikes and talk about this motorcycle That cause Kawasaki to achivele better sale goalsl; Remember that!

2.The forum got sponsored becasue the sponsors found some members in this forum interesting and sponsors want to actually support them!

3.Remember that different companies pay to put their advertisment on your forum becasue of the viewers of this forum that come here to get more knowledgable by some members and see modification of the members of the forum! Remember that!

I am the top in the all 3 groups and you are still ignorance. I offered you help in the past but you were silence. This is my last messege to you! you take care of the forum seriously, good for you other wise, bye bye!

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