First trackday coming up next weekend - Kawasaki
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First trackday coming up next weekend

so after almost 3 years of riding, next weekend im finally getting a chance to take the bike up to jennings. needless to say im pretty excited about it. and ive spent quite a bit of money already so far on gear and stuff for the bike.

so to those more experienced on here...anything i should know before riding up there? any tips/info? i know the track is a lot different than street. should i take it slow at first even after learning the track, or should i ride like i ride one the street (fast) once i get comfortable with the track? what should my mentality be like?

about the bike - what should i do as far as prepping? of course im gonna have new tires and fresh oil. and my chain and sprockets are new. 2 things im concerned about is, the valves and coolant. bike has 14k miles, no abnormal noises or anything, but am wondering if i should've had the valves checked. i dont think i have anymore time to do this. and also, i heard its allowed to run antifreeze/coolant on the bike for the first time. at what temps do the bikes usually run at the track? would i benefit from running any water wetter? anything else i should do/check?

any other info appreciated. even tho ive been riding street a while now, i know im still a newbie when it comes to the track. just glad im finally getting to do it after all this time
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hahaha, ya gotta love the jitters.
After walking the track and getting maybe two sighting laps, you will know what to expect and do.
Have a great time. with style will bring life back into focus
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Most tracks and schools, if not all, will tell you to drain the coolant and run water with some Water Wetter. I'm pretty sure coolant is a strict no no. Also you probably will get away with no having your bike safety wired but don't make a habit of it. Caliper bolts, drain plug, axle nuts, ect... You're getting close to valve adjustment time andspark plug time. Don't worry about it now just do them when you get back. 15k valves and every 7.5k plugs. I do my valves when I do the plugs cause I'm in there already and I ride pretty hard. But other then that your bike will be fine.

As far as the riding aspect just keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to what the instructors tell you and take it easy. You never want to go down your first time because it might discourage you for the next. Don't be over confident. Go into it like what it is "YOUR FIRST TIME AT THE TRACK!" Don't worry about being fast just learn proper techniques and learn the track. Fast will come over time not over night. If you're competitive set small realistic goals for yourself. Look to improve 1/10th of a second every 10 laps not 5 seconds every lap. And remember I'm talking consistant times because consistant equals fast. But most importantly "Have fun"

Enjoy it buddy. Its a blast. I've been countless times and I always learn something new and its always a rush.

2005 ZX10R Track Bike With Way To Much Sh*t On It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I used to gaffa tape lights, remove mirrors and make sure a service was done.

Many tracks allow you to run coolant and not have lock wire for a trackday, although this is not the case for any race, 1st time or not.

Here is a list taken from an Aussie site called Trakdaze that may help you along the way - it certainly did for me...

Originally Posted by Trakdaze
Bike needs
Spare oil.
Extra fuel.
Chain Lube.
Brake Fluid.
Tape up lights.
Service manual.
Remove your mirrors.
Clean/change air filter.
Change your oil/filter.
Unplug your headlights.
Remove your license plate.
Disconnect your brake light.
Change your coolant to Wetter.
Remember to empty your luggage compartment.
Taping over stick-on wheel weights is a good idea.
Check torque specs on all bodywork and outer bolts.
Don't forget the key to your bike (it happens, I've seen it).
New or basically new tire I would suggest getting some race tires.
Make sure you have no oil leaks. Tech really loves a clean and tidy engine and bike, help them out and help you out.

Ear plugs.
Rain coat.
Chair x 2.
Cooler for drinks/food.
Food. You need to eat. Lol.
Empty your pockets and take off any jewelry.
E-Z up shelter if they don't have covered pits/paddock.
Extra clothes to change out of when you are done for the day.
Hat,sunscreen and sunglasses a must especially for those who go to watch.
Flip flops...yes, flip flops (for chillin' in between sessions, easy on easy off).
Leathers, helmet gloves, boots, back protector. A clear and tinted visor is also good.

A buddy. VERY helpful.
Bring your licence with you on the day.
Notepad. You will learn a lot talking to others, it is good to take notes.
Pit bike. Bicycle, scooter, pocket bike ect. Sucks walking end to end in the pits in leathers.

On the day
Check your tire pressure before you hit the track. If you are on Pilot Powers the front is 30 and rear is 28
(Per Michelin specs).( Michelin Power Race is 30front and 22 rear...yes 22 rear).

Duct tape.
Cable Ties.
Extention cords
Fire extinguisher.
Something to clean visor.
Bring BOTH a spool type rear stand AND one that lifts by the swing arm itself.
Electrical tape. You can put a strip of it across the top of your visor during the last couple of sessions to block the sun.

Last But Not Least
Take riders school if they have one.
Emergency contact sheet. Have it on you at all times. Wrecks happen.
Money, bring some extra cash in case you need more food, gas, parts ect.
If you are going with a group talk to them about any tricky corners or lines.
Make a checklist. Go over each thing and make 100% sure you have it with you. It really sucks forgetting things.

Any past/current medical problems. IE: Diabetic, surgery, fractures....
Any medications that you currently take.
Any allergies you have.
Full name.
Date of birth.
Your address.
Your private medical doctors name and where they are located.
Several phone numbers for emergency contact along with their addresses.


*edit* Most of all have fun. Track days aren't about braking track records, they're about safely learning your bike and how far it can be pushed through a corner. Pick someone a little faster than you and watch their lines. Enjoy

'07 ZX10R Road - 06 ZX10R Track - '87 CR250 Resto - 6.0L V8 Ute
I've got serious thrill issues, dude!

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Originally Posted by TI10 View Post
...any other info appreciated. even tho ive been riding street a while now, i know im still a newbie when it comes to the track. just glad im finally getting to do it after all this time
Not trying to be a dick or anything, but with only 3 yrs of riding you're a "newbie" pretty much all around.

As far as the trackday goes, it sounds like the bike is ready so just make sure you don't forget anything when you head to the track and when you get there be ready to have more fun than you thought possible with your clothes on.
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make sure the brake fluid is new or newish.
with 15000mls on your bike and if you have time, change fork oil.
have fun and stick to your lines.
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sounds like you're fine...don't be worried so much about the mechanicals right now...the valves etc are fine...its a trackday not a for the anti-freeze that has nothing to with your bike temp as it does for clean-up in case of some on track incident.....the most important thing about your first trackday is just getting over the jitters of doing your first track day....its always best if you can go with someone that has been before but if thats not possible; which for alot of guys its not then just get there early....people will tell you to get a good nights rest beforehand but that probably won't be will be hyped so maybe the wife/girlfriend could help relax day before just have everything ready...if you can have your bike loaded and ready to really sux getting up at 4am to load your bike and doesn't make you popular with the neighbors...make sure you know your way to the track if its the first time driving....don't be scared to ask questions....most of the time when someone knows its your first time at the track they will go out of there way to help you...try not to bring alot of family with you the first need to focus on what is happening and to listen to advice from other riders....any rider with a single number on their bike...listen to what they say...don't worry about being fast...the one thing to leave at home is the matter how many years you have been riding and how many canyons you might have carved there will be people much faster then you at the track....each session have something to work on..not getting attention to the braking markers and work on your braking and your on improving your line through one or two corners each session...don't go out planning on pinning every corner...have a plan...if you're riding with a buddy in the same level you might want to separate because you can get caught up with racing your buddy rather then having fun...drink fluids during the day...if you feel nervous or jittery remember you can skip a session or come in early if something spooks you on the track.....take your time in the morning sessions and don't worry if you're getting passed alot because generally the afternoon sessions usually have less bikes in them as the day goes along...often the last session of the day has only a few bikes on track and can be very enjoyable having the track virtually to yourself....technical advice....biggest thing is to check your cold tire pressure when you get the the track and ask the tire vendor or track organizer what the recommended pressure settings are for your tires on that day....give yourself two to three laps to build up heat in your tires each session...nothing worse then watching someone lose it on the first lap thinking its some kind of race...also remember that all the other guys out there that look like pro racers went through everything you are on their first time out...cheers scott
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I live in St Cloud if you want I can help you prep the bike not much you have to do to go to jennings just tape lights and safty inspection. I took my 10 to the jennings and I feel like Im a fast street ridder but the 10 was too much for me on the track. I was acctually thinking of going up there next weekend too if you want to ride together if I dont go I have a pop up shade tent you can use. and a genorator if you are using tire warmers. Also are on the board?
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thanks guys for all the help. im gonna try to bring as much stuff as possible. im definitely a lil jittery but i guess thats natural.

Originally Posted by JOHNH View Post
I live in St Cloud if you want I can help you prep the bike not much you have to do to go to jennings just tape lights and safty inspection. I took my 10 to the jennings and I feel like Im a fast street ridder but the 10 was too much for me on the track. I was acctually thinking of going up there next weekend too if you want to ride together if I dont go I have a pop up shade tent you can use. and a genorator if you are using tire warmers. Also are on the board?
yes, im TITEN on SBN. me and 2 other guys are leaving on the 12th and coming back on the 14th. we're renting a U-haul and will be sleeping in a tent as far as i know. as long as u dont have a problem pitching in towards the truck and anything else (just like we're doing) ur welcomed to come. PM me if u want more info.

btw, did anyone here do their first trackday on a liter? the poster above felt it was too much at the track. anyone else feel the same?
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