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zx 10r vs busa finally.

well got to run 2 busa's tonight and my old 02 gixxer 1000 that has full serpeant micron exhaust,short staks,and pc3r. The busa has full yosh system with pc3r, and the other busa was stock. We did plenty of runs back to back of all bikes with the same riders.

We all drag race together on the track for years now and couldnt wait to get the 10r out and see what shes got. We used me and my racing buddy to do back to back runs on each bike since we weigh the same. First of my zx 10r has 350 miles ONLY on it when i let it loose tonight. We ran my zx 10r against his modded busa with full yosh system and pc3r first.

5 diffrent runs 3 starting from second gear at 55 to take out any wheelie factor. All 3 runs produced the exact same thing, no one could budge a bit. It was a dead even as you could get with me pulling maybe half to one bike length at the very most up to 170. starting from first he could slightly gain a bike length or 2 on me since but we ended right back up almost totally dead even all the way to 170 again every time.

Next was the stock busa using me and my same buddy again. I could give him a jump and still pass him no problem all 5 times, wasnt close at all. Swithched riders with the owner this time riding the stock busa and same results.

Next up my old gixxer with my racing buddy again on my old gixxer which has a micron full serpeant system, pc3r, and short staks. Again unreal how close it was, he got me by about 1 bike length at one point in 3rd and we stayed even the rest of the way. same result almost each time with him staying even or pulling me by 1 bike lenth in third. We switched bikes and i was riding my old gixxer and he was riding mine. very very even, with me pulling maybe a half bike length on my bone stock 10r with around 350 miles on the clock and my old gixxer with 2900. The modded busa had 2200 miles and the stocker 3100.

Indeed we were very impressed with the 10r, was sick of hearing dyno charts and we got real world results comparing my old bike and the busa's. The 10r is quite a bit faster than the stock gixxer 1000 and stock busa. Now also my bike will gain more hp as it is not even broke in yet. Here are real world results not this dyno crap. The 10r has about 7-10 hp more than my old 02 gixxer stock so the results were about right being almost dead even with him having all the goodies on it. This thing really rips, I thought the modded busa would pull me since i was stock but never ever did once even switching riders. Wow!!!!!! The object of today was comparing motors, that was achieved.

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Of course, this IS just an internet board..........
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here we go, someone doesnt like what they hear and oops its all bs. One thing you will learn is when i post things that happen, they are facts. I been racing well over 20 years and when we test things its not rookies doing the work!!!!! like it or not. When someone reports things on the net i dont believe jack squat much either unless i know its a reliable source, so no worries man. believe what you want, you wont hurt my feelings none. This is not a whos better than who post, just a post about the motor of the 10r and how its stacks up. Im not partial to any bike including my own, but the results were pretty much what we expected. When motorcyclist said its the strongest motor stock ever they have tested on a production bike, We needed to confirm that and did. I believe jack shit tell We test them ourselves. great bike!!!!!!!!

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ZX10 vs Busa

Hi folks,

Just my two-pence worth:

I challenged my mate with his Busa to a head-to-head flat out test a couple of days ago. His Busa has a full Micron system and a mod'd air box. My zx10 has an Akro slip-on and power commander.

We rode side by side at 95mph - he opened up first and initally pulled out a couple of bike lengths, as he changed to third I reeled him back in (I was still in second) - the long and short of it is that he consistantly pulled slowly away from me, inch by inch.
No matter what I did he pulled away all-be-it slowly. We tried this three times and every time produced the same results.

Incidently, the ZX10 becomes nervous at 160+, the extra weight of the lard-ass Busa actually helps it at these speeds.
The highest I read on the Speedo was 183mph, although there was still a little left.
Aerodynamics are crutial at high speeds and this is where the Busa kicks ass.
I'm going to mount my camera next week, so we'll repeat the test and I'll post the avi/mov file.

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C.dolan dynoed his with 1200 miles on it, the stock 10 pulled about the same hp as the busa and piped pc'ed gixxer....your results sound about right. here's a link

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weight of the riders is everything, if there equall thats good. My other buddy weighs 80 less pounds and destroys me when hes on his 10r. Its a not a little diffrence its a huge difference. 20 pounds is quite a bit when running them.

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That's wierd. My '01 Gix1k would jump out on every Busa from a 2nd gear roll. The modded ones would come back and the stock ones would never. The fact that your 10r could not shake the Busa or the Gix1k, raises questions.
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shouldnt raise questions, 10r stock compared to full systems and pc3r on both the busa and gixxer 1k equalls 10 hp or so. Now when i put my fullsystem on the 10r, bye bye. What you think your going to kill a modded out gix 1k and busa with a bone stock 10r with equall weight riders. Isnt going to happen. now my buddy who's way lighter than me runs my bike against the busa he murders it. why because the riders dont weigh the same anymore, you just took away 80 pounds less and the other guy is my weight. every 10 pounds is at least 1 hp remember. so if you weigh 80 more pounds than the next guy on equall bikes you better be packing a full system just to stay even. We ran my old gixxer stock against my buddys same year gixxer 02 stock. He killed me cause he was 80 pounds lighter, i put a full system on and we were dead even so there you have it. guys weight is everything, my buddy who weighs the same as me on the busa remember is still over 100 pounds heavier cause of the bike. So there in lies why were dead even even though we weigh the same and he has about 10 more hp im sure. easy math that usually works out correctly.

live on the edge.
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Just remember, we know for sure the Busa is getting redone to a 1400cc bike. Should get really interesting from their.

Also word is the 1k is getting redone as well for 05. So I think in 05, I will get a new GSXR-1000.

I really like the ZX10, and if I was in the market for a new bike now i would get one.

Also the stock Busa should probably still have the top speed advantage over the 10r.

Were all the dyno numbers shown in that link(the one with the GSXR1000, 2 busas, R1) all rated in STD Horsepower rating. Just asking because the STD Rating is widely used since it shows the highest numbers. When going from STD to SAE ratings the numbers in the links would actually go down.
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Yea in '05 the Gixxer 1K is getting major updates. Everyone is on a 4 year cycle. Suzuki's cycle is 1 year after all the other Japanese manufacturers.
The busa is gettin boosted to a 1400?...damn thats gettin huge for a sportbike
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