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Talking Near Death Experiences...

We've all done some stupid things on our bikes...and Im sure we've all had our close calls. Whats yours????

Ill Start!

Once I was trying to pass a few cars w/ a bunch of buddies on the street, keep in mind this is a 2 lane country road in the stix...well I was last to pass...and w/ oncoming traffic....

I decided there was enough shoulders that the cars could move over and that I could make the pass...Ended up I split about 8 cars on the double yellow, 4 goin each way.

Didn't knock any mirrors off, but I'll tell ya I look back on that and think...WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!

And sport bike riders get a bad rep....

One more was at TWS. goin into T2 in 5th gear, I'd lean my bike over so far that I'd just basically ctrl a low side...I loved doin it, and it wasn't too scarry...but just thinking about sliding down the track at 125+...

Good thing I was runnin Dunlops...

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Well I have had several my self. When I first started riding the mountains about two years ago I was following one of the more experienced riders down the mountain. We came to a really sharp right hand turn and I tried to keep up with him. I started in the turn realized I was going fast and hit the brakes and the bike stood up. Went into the other lane and stopped about 5 feet from going over the side of the mountain. That was dumb, to hit the brakes and to try to keep up with him.

At the gap this past spring with evildoer and the gso guys I went to pass derek on the right and I ran outa road. Went thru the grass around 80 and somehow got back on the pavement. Probally wouldn't have died but that was just stupid. The guys behind me said there was grass just flying from my bike.

I saw Derek on the skyway almost hit a horse going roughly 120 mph. Earlier that day he over shot a turn and almost bounched off the mountain, lol.


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Originally Posted by hillcountry10r
Good thing I was runnin Dunlops...
Dude runnin Dunflops is always a near death experience...
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Ok this was on my ZZR600, I was doing some fast riding on mountain roads (Woolloongong National Park to be exact) as it's covered with trees its quite dark in some spots and I didn't realise the nasty bump in mid corner so just as I hit the corner fast and lean in I hit the bump the bike got unsettled, I was going to crash or hit the brakes, so I hit the brakes and the bike stood up making me go outside and I hardly stopped on the edge of the cliff, lucky didn't slide, that part of the road had leafs and stuff on it, had I gone a bit further, I would've gone off the cliff, and I would really need a parachute. When I stopped my heart was beating like crazy. Ok, I lied, I actually swallowed it and it was knocking on the door to come out of my a$$.
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I really need to get out of the house
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Originally Posted by zx10ragentblack
Dude runnin Dunflops is always a near death experience...


Madness Racing wishes he could handle the power of a GSXR

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Here is one. I was on my old ninja 750 and was out riding around with some buddy's. We stop by this store and my bike wouldn't turn back on like the battery was dead. So we jump it off another bike and it starts back up. So here I am triing to get the bike back to the house. It cut off like 2-3 more times. (good thing one of my friends was riding with me home) We get the bike started again. So I'm going about 100 down one of the back roads here, fighting the night that was coming (headlight was so dim it was barely on) There is this road on the right with a pick up truck waiting to turn so the car in front of me passes him then the truck desides he didn't want to let me pass and pulls out in front off me. Now the hole thing is the truck was pulling like a 25'-30' boat dehind it. To tell you the truth I don't know how I got the bike to slow down enough to make the turn up the road he was coming out of. (years of riding or just good reflexes) lol... But I did and didn't wreck and got the bike home. It tuned out that the generator belt snaped. That is why it keep cutting off on me. That was a close call.

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I've done my share of stupid things on the bike but my most serious near death experience (on a bike) happened on 15 January 1999. I had just sold a 1998 ZX9R and had been breaking in my brand new 1999 ZX9R for about 10 days. I was in Army Flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama at the time. My buddy and I went out for a ride (he had a new CBR 600 to break in). We rode up to some bike shops in Montgomery and on the way back is when it happened. I'm cruising at about 60mph keeping it under 5,000rpm when I see a 1989 GMC pick-up stopped at a stop sign waiting to cross the highway. It was about 5:30 pm and I had my high beam on to make sure I was visible. Anyway, he pulled out in front of me. I had just enough time to lock up both brakes before the impact. I hit truck just behind the cab. I took most of the impact across the chest. I was flown to a trauma center in Birmingham with a torn aorta, ruptured spleen and my right kneecap split in half. The doc said I'd be dead if I wasn't in good physical condition at the time. Well I'm still here and I still ride. I'll try and find the pics of my ZX9 after the crash and post 'em up. Never let the fear of dying stop you from living!

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ya luckz-- you and the "kids" push it up there...

I've had a few myself. We I was 7 my dad's german shepard sharted biting at my horse's tail. The horse got spooked, rared, and tripped, landing on top of me. I was knocked cold and didn't breath for a couple of minutes (occording to my parents). Luckily I started breath again on my own. They said I was turning bloooooo.

Thext one I remember was when I was 21-22. I flipped an S-10 blazer of a levee. Two flips tail over front and 3.5 sideways (landed on roof). They said I was semi conscious but I have no memory of anything past the front bumper digging in. That was my first helicopter ride... Oh.. and for the TMI moment of the day... my first memory after the accident was a doc checking my prostate! Not a good way to come to!!! Walked out of the hospital that evening, bruised spleen and multiple minor concusions. that was probably the first time i ever had a "is there a higher power" feeling. I did not have my seatbelt on. Good thing bc I would have meen crushed by the roof -flattened to driver's side window. My passenger did have his seat belt on. That was the only corner of the blazer that did not have a dent (at all!). Each bounce cleared that corner. His only injury was a knock on the head when they realsed his belt (we where upside down).

The only other scrape with death was when the car took a left in front of me in an intersection. I was on a 94 ZX9R. I hit between the front fender and front door. I cleared the car superban style, and tucked and rolled when i hit the street. Cop that witnessed it, said it couldf have been staged how perfectly I "dismounted". wasn't too perfect... gopt out of surgery for internal injuries at 7am. The accident was at 9pm, one block from the hospital. ..about 5 blocks from my home. STAND B4 IMPACT!! gas tant did all the damage. ...I'll say no more on that.. Oh.. bike frame broke on both sides under the tank and forks were shoved into the motor. 40 mph impacted.

I'm sure i've had some near misss. many...many... near misses... but i don't recall them.

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No major close calls riding, just the usual jerks that pull out, turn, stop, don't stop, change lanes, don't look, look right through you. Always seemed to know what they were going to do before they did and managed to take the correct action. Got into a tank slapper on my first bike at about 80~85 one day, just rode it out, didn't chop the throttle or hit the brakes, just eased back on the gas slightly and it worked it's way out.
Funny one from my car racing days. Finished the race and had to beat feet to the airport about an hour away, with the plane leaving in about 55 minutes. Jump into the rental car, blast out of the track entrance, get about a mile down the road and damn if there wasn't a stop sign on the race track!!?? What's a stop sign doing here, on the race track? I'M NOT IN MY RACE CAR ANYMORE!!!! I was approaching an angled T (with the tighter side the one I needed) intersection at about 65 mph. And there was traffic. Not many options at this point except try to kill off the speed as much as possible and make the turn. At about 30 mph I made the left turn and somehow there was no traffic. Everyone had a angel that day. BTW I did make the flight.
Been shot at, had someone try to split my head open with an ax, almost robbed at an ATM (armed robber didn't think I'd be ready to fight back), almost car jacked (cop pulled up to the intersection--finally a cop there when you need him. LOL), fell off the top of a ladder and onto the driveway (coming off the roof, first rung, ladder went out from under me--another story).
But here's the real deal.
Try anaphylactic shock from penicillin with full cardiac arrest.
When I was a kid back in the late 60's, I was walking barefoot in the rain in a gutter and cut my toe open. Got infected, so off to the doctor, cleaned it out, shot of penicillin in the arm, stood up and that was the end of it. Next I know I'm sitting at his desk in his office wondering WTF. He was white as a ghost and shaken up pretty bad. Hard way to find out you've developed an allergic reaction to penicillin.
So how does that happen. Go back a bit further to the early 60's and I nearly died from the measles. One month at home from school, in a dark room, MASSIVE doses of penicillin because at the time that was the medical protocol for my condition. Don't remember much of that month, maybe 2~3 short episodes of a minute or so.

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i posted this last yr. myself and a few board members along with others back in TX went for our usual sunday hill country ride, my rear tire was close to shot but i figured it'd make it on this ride. Well, about 500 hard miles later it was toast, cracking etc. No biggie if it wasn't about to freakin pour like hell. The blackest clouds i've ever seen just suddenly appear, myself and buddy decide we're gonna hit it and scramble back to my house. (those of you in TX, we are now at I-10 and 1604E heading towards Pat booker rd) Well about 2miles later its raining buckets, i am leading and of course in full leathers etc, i slow waaaaaaaay down, to like 40mph. Approaching 281 all of a freakin sudden my rear end just starts fishtailing like someone was behind me swinging it around like a bucking bronco!!!! i am not shitting you when i say that i was probably swinging at least 30 degrees each way!!! Now, remember, WTF do i do but roll off the throttle, look straight ahead and input NOTHING and ride it along praying if i am about to high side it happens BEFORE the fuckin over pass!!! my buddy checks up real fast, gets in the other lane to slow people down and some how, by the grace of god, after i did this about 4 times each way she just checked back up!!!! I pull over, he said "WTF were you doing and how the hell did you save that!!!" I don't know, but when i got home i had to clean my leathers!

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