Get arrested for stopping a thief - Kawasaki
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Get arrested for stopping a thief

Hey fellas you will never believe what the hell happened to me.

I come home from taking a small vacation weekend in vegas my wife wanted to be dropped off at her moms house to spend the night with the kids. so i dropped her off at about 1am and head home as i pull down my street i imediatly noticed my garage door was open as i pull into the driveway i get a lovely view of a empty garage my zx-10,r6,quad and tool box are gone. I walk inside and my plasma is on the ground broken my notebooks are gone as well as my little safe which held my titles to every vehicle we own, so i step into the back yard to see if my jet skis where there which they where so i had a little relief so i call the cops and give them the whole spill they tell me to stay out of the house untill help arrives as they may still be in the house. I hang up the phone and circle around the house to my truck and grabed the box cutter out of my little tool box. this is when i noticed a u-haul parked across the street well the house is empty across the street so i walk over there and open the back the first thing i see is that beautiful shade of green sitting there. so i closed it ran next door and woke up my neighbor to help me out. I ran back over and sliced all 4 of the u-hauls valve stems my neighbor came out with a couple of 2x4's he had from building his deck . so we went into the house as soon as we open we open the door there they were coming down the stairs with my upstairs computer, wifes jewelry box and my shot gun (havent had any shells for about 3 months) so idiot #1 points the gun at me and my buddy turns and runs so i rushed him and took him out with one swing of the 2x4 as he clicked the shotty the other two ran upstairs. so as i ran past idiot #1 i wacked him again with the 2x4 just to make sure his ass was out. half way up the stairs idiot #2 throws a monitor at me and nails me dead on and jacked up my elbow. so i chase him up the stairs and wack him across the back which nocked him down and I gave him a good old fashion sh!t stompin then took the 2x4 to his elbow I could here Idiot #3 in my room trying to open the window so i run into there at this time i can also hear my buddy rumbleing around down stairs with idiot#1 i guess he woke up. so I run into my room and WHACK i get smacked across the face with a hand full of wire coat hangers (wire coat hangers? WTF of all things! and they hurt like hell. so my lip starts gushing out blood as i start twards idiot#3 he jumps out of the window and lands on the brick planter snapping his leg. so i run down stairs on my way out i see my buddy getting his as$ whooped so i wack this guy again and lay him out i run out the door and i see a shadow from the front porche light i figured he was getting ready to wack me again with some hangers so with out looking i swing the 2x4 at his head and take him down thats when i saw the badge. the idiot cop was standing around the corner and he took a 2x4 to the face his partner tackels me and whacks me in the back of the head with his damn stick and cracks open the back of my head and he cuffs me then he goes inside and draws his gun on my buddy and cuffs him so we all go to jail. idiot #3 made it 3 blocks before getting picked up i spend 1 night in the hospital and 3 more in jail. the officer did not press charges thank god but i put him on a medical leave of absense. to top it off It is going to cost me 853.00 to get my stuff out of impound not including medicle bills and dealing with 4 stitches on my bottom lip and 7 on the back of my head. and the judje ordered counciling for me and an anger management class and repairs to the u-haul's tires. but the kawi is safe. So when the judje asked me what i will do if something like this happens again I told him " Dont let Idiot #3 get out of the house next time"


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Sounds like fun and atleast you are getting your things back.

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good for you Bro they had it comming.
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Glad to hear you put a good ass whoopin on them and gla to hear you still got your stuff!!!

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it stories like that that bring a warm feeling to my heart when the shitties get what is coming to them. nothing i hate worse than a theif. sorry the copper got whacked and that is what made ur situation worse. dummy shouldnt have been so close to someone swinging a 2x4. kind of reminds me of walking tall. got to understand though the cops probably didnt get all the information for the call so they didnt know the true victims were the ones weilding pine. would have been nice for one of the shitbums to pull that shotgun when the goodguys showed up and see what happens when he got plastered with a few .40 rounds. glad to hear your ok and that you recovered your property. you should be ok on the defense of your castle and life. some states are adopting laws that prohibit criminals from civil prosecution for the injuries they recieve while commiting crimes. dont know if your state is one of them.

hell i just got my back window broke out of my patrol car by some little punka$$ drunk college kids becuase they didnt get waited on while eating at denny's. they left all pissy and threw a beer bottle at my car. wish i could have found them sheriff would definately ok that free stick time. oh well. good luck and glad ur safe.
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Nice to hear, I am glad you caught them and gave an ass kicking.
That judge is crazy, anger managment ???
I think one of the thiefs was the judges related / family.
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Great job, I say.

I would have done the same thing. Except, I would have had a gun and they would be dead.

"shiny, let's be bad guys"
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why cant people just leave your stuff alone, just cause they cant afford nice stuff they got to come and mess with yours, its people like that that makes motorcycle insurace so exspensive in SC, someone is always getting their bike stolen down here
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How dare you hinder these men in an attempt to make a meager living for themselves! Assaulting them with potentially deadly force (you knew the shotgun was empty!), forcing them to jump out of a window and risk death (how do you feel now big man?!) just because of your childish attachment to material things. Destroying other peoples property (U-Haul you've done IT!). Pre-meditated battery (you enlisted a neighbors help, who at least had the sense to run when confronted), knowing you would create a confrontation. You're lucky you aren't in jail for life with a temper like that. And all your worldly posessions sold to support the poor victims in this tragic tale of the struggle and survival. These three gentlemen should be held up as role models to the community. True hero's in life.

The above is done with tongue pushed hard against the cheek.
Glad I wasn't there, especially after the first one dropped the hammer. Probably wouldn't be able to ID him after I took him apart with the 2x4.
Do you think I should get "anger management" classes?
to you madman. Always fight the good fight against the stupidity of your fellow man, especially the screwed up legal system.

Some days will stay a thousand years, some pass like the flash of a spark.
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Good job, you rescued your ninja in distress.

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