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On my way to work today had a full size Ford truck decide to change lanes into me. I thought briefly about trying to put my fist through his window but decided it would be better to just try to get out of the way. It's been a year or so since I've had a cager try to kill me so I should have figured I was due. I've been riding about 15 years and usually I can tell when someone is getting ready to pull a bone head move, but this kind of caught me by surprise. Wasn't in his blind spot. He just didn't look. Anyways, I just laid on the horn and sped up so I didn't end up in the dirt. Scared the crap out of the guy when he finally saw me.

My favorite cager encounter happened two years ago. I was stopped at a red light and had my eye on the light ready to go as soon as it turned green. It did but there were some cars running the left arrow and I had to wait for them to clear the intersection before I could go. As the last one went by I started to go and lo and behold, as I'm taking off I see a big SUV flying towards me. I saw the SUV before I started to go. It was coming down that same left turn lane that the stream of cars running the light had just left. But there were 5 or 6 car lengths between the last car that ran the light and the SUV. I never thought the SUV would try to go for it. So I'm on this collision course with this SUV and get hard on the brakes. The lady in the SUV does too. We end up stopping nose to nose in the middle of the intersection, my heart pumping REALLY good. I about crapped my drawers. The lady in the SUV sticks her head out the windows and screams "You should have let me go!!!!" and then punches it and takes off. That experience has stuck with me ever since then. When a light turns green I always look around for cagers running the light before I go. I let the green "ripen" a bit just to make sure.

If anyone has any good cager stories, post 'em up.
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Not on a bike, but a funny one none the less.
Started up a ramp in my Chevy Van and this guy about 8 car lengths back in a Ford stationwagon "launches". I knew he had by the amount of soot coming out of the tailpipe. He pulls about even with the back of my door and we are accelerating at the same pace. He's honking the horn and shaking his fist, all the while we're closing on the traffic ahead and I'm running out of ramp. He's watching me and I'm watching the cars ahead. I figure he's got and I jab my brakes, move to the center lane (which was completly empty). In the mean time, he looks up, panics, slams on the brakes. I tap my horn and wave as I go by. Now here is where it gets good. His girlfriend/wife was reaming him a new one, pointing her finger and her mouth going 100 mph. He's got his head pulled completely into his shoulders (think turtle), both hands on the steering wheel, and looking absolutely straight ahead!

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My fave was a variation of the left-turn-into-right-lane mistake that a lot of cagers make ... When turning left out of a driveway onto a road that has two lanes in each direction, they go all the way across the road into the right lane straight away instead of doing what they are supposed to do, which is make the left turn into the left lane and THEN signal the separate lane change from the left lane to the right lane.

Anyhow, I was on my old Ninja 750 traveling in the right lane and saw a Subaru wagon about to turn left out of a driveway on the left side into the same direction that I was going. Something about the car's path suggested that the lady driving was going to pull the stunt described above, and end up in the same place where I was heading. I backed off a little to make sure we didn't arrive in the right lane at the same time, and as soon as her wheels crossed the dotted line between the two lanes, I hit the horn. That was followed by a *very* violent leftwards jerk of the Subaru to avoid going into my lane ...

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Always SUV's with women talking on cell phones. I know, sexist, bigget, etc.. but it has been my experiences. Sterotypes are sometimes true. I always give wide girth to all SUV's now. I even hold my horn down when I pass them. All close calls for me, thank God..

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

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I'm always surprised when a cage doesn't try to occupy a lane with me. If you expect it there is no drama. My ZX-10R doesn't even have a horn (the Ohlins damper on Attack hardware now occupies that spot).
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I am sorry, if I end up nose to nose with some cager in a intersection that they ran the light on and they comment that I "should of have let them go..." I am following them to their work and either beating some ass right there or waiting for them to go inside and stabbing all four of their tires so next time they cant "go".

I can go on for hours ranting about cagers and how they cant drive for crap. We had a track day yesterday and one of my friends had to leave early because he had a flight. Had his bike in the back of his buddies truck because his wife cant drive their truck. they get to airport and she leave with their two kids and his bike in the back of the truck. Three illegals run a red light towing a car and t-bone them in the cab/bed area of the truck.

Knocks the bike out of the truck and it nails a light pole and demolishes the bike (2005 GSXR1000) and totals the truck. The illeglas, no license, no id, no insurance, no nothing. All three went to jail and now my friend and his wife have a totaled bike and totaled truck to show for it. They ahve insurance, but at this point it is the princaple of the whole issue.
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I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. The "illegals" went to jail. Un-fricken-believable. I mean at the very least your friend should have gone to jail. I mean how dare he hinder the migration pattern of the "undocumented workers". How insensitive of him.


First cagers, then illegal cagers! Now his insurance company is going to gouge a hugh hole in his wallet. To bad he can't go after the state for not stopping the illegals in the first place.

Some days will stay a thousand years, some pass like the flash of a spark.
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Lesson one: We are invisible
Lesson two: If they see you, and you know they can see you, God put them there to run you over! Be more afraid.
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In the first 6 months of owning the 10 I was cut off that number of times by cagers. In the past year since I got my Muzzy slip-on, only twice have I been cut off. LOUD pipes do save lives.

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I that were true Harley riders would live forever.
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