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Buyers beware of Medicdad2005


I wanted to say that I didn't come to your board to create waves or cause problems. No one has sent me a PM on the subject, but I just wanted to let people know that the person I mention in this post is not honest in my opinion and I wanted to let others know if you plan on doing business with him, beware.


Feed back for Medicdad2005

I have decided to inform people that working with Medicdad2005 is nothing but a hassle. I’ll get into the whole story and explain why I would never work with this person again and advise others to stay clear of this seller.

On September 6th 2006 I saw his ad under the for sale section of for a Suzuki LTR 450. It had some nice aftermarket items such as Fasst Flexx bars, Spider grips, Trinity Air intake (also an extra UNI filter), ITP MXR4's, Stock 450r tires+rims for trail riding, Pro Armor Full skids (A-Arm, Chassis, Swingarm), AC Racing Pro Peg Relocated nerf bars (Brand NEW), Pro Design Kill switch, Motion Pro Twist Throttle (not installed but has own Spider grips), Albe Pro ELite Bumper, Suzuki shock covers, Works Triple rate springs, Revalved for a 200lb rider class B, SRP Steering damper (rebuild able), Power Madd Handguards with wrap around guards, Scotts Comp Flow SS oil filter, AC racing wide grab bar, Cernics racing graphics kit, and ASV unbreakable levers.

I had sent Medicdad2005 a message inquiring about his quad, basically show interest in it and I wanted to open up a discussion about making a deal on it.

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Now I have never purchased anything this large online or Ebay, so I was a little hesitant myself. I had done a little research on shipping and a method of payment for this item. At first I suggested an escrow on the quad. Basically what that is, I would put the funds into a 3rd party fund. I would pay for shipping, view the quad and if I liked it I would let the escrow company release the funds to medicdad2005.

Medicdad2005 did not like that idea. He felt that he would get ripped off and he would not be able to receive funds and if he did, some how if the escrow was a fraud he would have to pay the money back.

So I dropped that idea, and talked with him on what would be acceptable. Well my wife is originally from Texas and Medicdad2005 lives in Louisiana, while we live in Arizona. I suggested that we meet in the middle so where, this way I could look at the ATV in person and if I wanted it I could take delivery at that time and he could get paid also.

After we agreed on a location I then sent Medicdad2006 a Paypal transfer of $206.00 to hold the quad for 10 days until we could meet.

At this time he did not say he was going to continue to advertise the ATV, I thought we had an agreement that he would hold it until I had the chance to see it in person.

On September 7th I had a friend point out that the quad I had put money down was now on Ebay. It had the entire description that Medicdad2005 had used on My friend had stated that I better look into this, and I did. I confronted Medicdad2005 about the ebay auction and his response was, ďItís not me, I didnít place that ad.Ē
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Medicdad2005 then reassured me that I was still going to the chance at looking at the quad and possibly buy it. He then told me that he had placed complaints with Ebay saying someone had taken his for sale information and placed that add.

Then I start to see other people asking about the quad on LTR450central. I didnít mind it to much, but Medicdad2005 didnít say anything about the quad on hold or even saying that someone has a deposit on it.

It took someone on the board to point out to Medicdad2005 that the ATV was pretty much sold and that Medicdad2005 and I had a pending deal.

He then states that I am currently getting ready to purchase the quad after this was pointed out to him on the message board.

The Ebay ad was still up by September 11th. And Medicdad2005 and I are suppose to meet September 16th. The add did not come down until the 15th of September. Medicdad2005 said ebay contacted him about the ďfraudulentĒ ad and took it down for him.

Saturday the 16th. Medicdad2005 and I meet, I look over the quad. Aside from some surface rust on a few of the exposed parts, the quad itself looks like itís in decent condition.

I look over the paper work that Medicdad2005 has for the quad and it all seems to be there. He shows me a title and it looked good to me. I did get to ride the quad for a minute and saw no problems at that time. So we head into the bank and make the transaction there.
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On the way back my wife and I made a stop and fueled up and I decided to look at all the paper work that Medicdad2005 had included. A lot of it was receipts for parts purchased on ebay, I started to look closer and I noticed that the name for ebay was the same one that I had on the receipts. Medicdad2005 out and out lied to me about the ebay auction. He did place the auction right after I had given him the $206.00 deposit to hold the quad!

Ok now I’ll skip to the return trip home.

As I started to look at the ATV I noticed that the front shocks had spacers in the top 2 spring slots. I know that there are suppose to be at least 1 or 2 there, but the person that put together this set up did it completely wrong. He had the top 2 spring completely blocked off from being used. So if I would have hit a jump the only spring that would have been used would have been the main large spring.

I was able to fix this with no problem, but this is just the start of the problems I would encounter with this quad.

The first time I had to really ride the quad hard was about 1 week after owning it. I took it to my local track and wanted to see what it could do. So I’m on the quad for about 10 minutes and have not noticed any problems. I then went to our flat track and wanted to put some speed laps in. Once I finished that I was riding back to my truck when I noticed white smoke coming from the engine. Come to find out, the quad is leaking oil from the top of the engine, and the oil was dripping down onto the head pipe and burning off.

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I quickly load up the quad and brought it over to my friendís house who knows almost everything there is to know about quads.

At first he thought that it might have been one of the hoses that go into the valve cover for the oil. So we rip the quad apart and it wasnít any hose lose. It turns out that it was one of the valve cover bolts, it was gone, not there, buh bye. Luckily my friend had one just like the one missing on my LTR. So I started to thread the bolt back into itís place, and I noticed that itís not taking. It would not tighten up, so my friend looks at it and says there are 2 things that could have happened when someone checked the lashing on the quad.

One, the threads were stripped because it was over torque.
Two, the cam journal was cracked because it could have been over torque.

I was given some advice on how to fix the problem if either of the 2 happened.

Thanks to Alelks on and his write up on HeliCoil and this exact problem with the LTZ400. I did fix the problem.

Ok on to the next fault of this quad.

A few days after I had the quad in my possession, I went to my local DMV or ADOT to title and register the quad in Arizona. I had given them the paper work that Medicdad2005 had supplied me and come to find out that I couldnít title it because what Medicdad2005 gave me was the MSO filled out in his name for the quad. He failed to title this ATV in his home state.
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Background for this is, He purchased it for cash in Houston TX, then brought it back to Louisiana and never checked to see if he needed to title it. He thought the MSO was the title for the quad.

To be honest I never knew about an MSO, I have never purchased a vehicle for cash before.

I was told that I have a few choices to get the quad titled, one I get a notarized receipt for the sale of the quad OR I get the quad bonded for title.

So what I did was send Medicdad2005 the information on what I needed and that I would take care of any taxes that might come from the sale between us.

Supposedly Medicdad2005 went down to his local DMV and they said If I title the quad in Arizona, it would come back to Louisiana as not being title there first and Medicdad2005 would have to pay for the taxes he should have when he bought it.

I did call him about the title and tried to get this straiten out, but he felt that if I titled the quad he was going to have to pay taxes on something he doesn’t own any more. I tried to be nice and tell him I would pay for it (even though I shouldn’t have to) but he was still resistant to sending me what I needed so I could title the quad.

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So I took measures to bond the quad for a ďLost title BondĒ Basically what is done, the state does a title search on the vehicle, then you fill out some documents and if any name comes up you have to send that person a notice stating you are going to file for title on that vehicle. Well since I had the MSO with Medicdad2005ís information on it I had to send him a notice.

Medicdad2005 did not accept the certified letter I had sent him, so the post office has sent it back to me. I was able to title the quad in my name, and not have to worry about this matter anymore.

And now the last thing I have found wrong with this quad.

I was getting ready to clean the air filter before going out riding and I noticed that the air box did not have the Trinity intake like Medidad2005 had stated was on the quad. Instead it had a PVC pipe cut and fit in the place of the intake. I had tried to contact Medicdad2005 via emails and a few phone calls about this, but I have not been able to get a response on either one. So I did place a dispute on Paypal about not receiving the intake and as of right now it has a deferred status. Whether or not I get my money back to replace the intake, Iíll never know.

I did find out that another person purchased the intake I was supposed to get. The only reason I know this is because he contacted me wanting to know if I had the PIM that was promised to that buyer. He was wondering if it was on the LTR I had purchased from Medicdad2005. I assured him I didnít have it, that I had the Cherry bomb on the quad.

So in closing, would I recommend buying or selling to Medicdad2005? Nope not at all, I would stay clear of this person at all costs. It doesnít matter how good an item looks or what he promises. He will not keep his end of the deal. Now I could have said no to the sale. I could have gone with another quad. Yes that is true, but I was taught you give someone the benefit of the doubt. Iím here now to warn others that this person will give you nothing but a head ache if you work with him.
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Sorry to hear about a bad deal. I got burned real bad on e-bay as well. I wouldn't as much by an actual "turd" on ebay for fear that it might not stink!
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I have had some bad buys on ebay too, I now stay away from iffy buys that I can't take a good look at; if it's not a new item or a store.

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I'm telling it.
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Thanks for the warning, as he is a new member here. I guess we will have to wait for medicdads responce to these allegations.

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