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BS ticket story

Had a blast on the MV yesterday going on one of the best roads VA has to offer (rt. 211). After going over the mountain we sat in a turn lane waiting for one of the slower guys, a cop came from the complete opposite direction and crossed a double yellow line (illegal) to pull in behind us while we sat. He immediately asked us all for license and registration..i knew we were getting popped for something! He ticketed me for no license plate light, which I am guilty of, but also tried to ticket me for illegal tail light said it wasn't stock??? I called him crazy because I was done being polite, I knew I wasn't getting out of there without a ticket, so the yes sir attitude was long gone. He ticketed another guy for non DOT (dept of tranportation) turn signals, he had Gregg's flushmounts. He let the other guy go with a warning for illegal exhaust since we were stopped he couldn't hear whether it voilated the 'noise regulations'. He also gave us a warning for our safety inspection stickers because they are at the top of the fork (unviewable to him) They are in plain site if the bike is stationary and the inspection station placed them in this location, not us.

A perfect day and ride ruined by some jerk who is just profiling all sportbikes. I understand that 10 people have died there this year, and this is just a way to force us to find another place to ride. The ticket doesn't affect my license or insurance but still it is the whole principal of harrassment. Suppose each time a biker gets harassed we file a complaint on the officer for harassement? He did something illegal (cross double yellow) to come and f*ck with us. We are treated as second class citizens in VA, and I hear they are cracking down on other places like palomar in CA.
The kicker is there were 3 ducati monsters there who were acting like hooligans and they didn't even get stopped...why? Because we have full fairings we are viewed differently, crotch rockets. The monsters have decent engines as well and all had open pipes. The harleys with their license plate attached to the swingarm got to ride around us all day without even getting pulled, talk about noise violations!!! Everytime this happens I regret buying the MV, I should have kept my ZX10 and just started doing only track days. I'm so sick of getting messed with everytime I get on the bike.

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I guess the cops just don't have anything else better to do. Sorry bout your luck. If you get a chance though you should try a trackday, although I would be scared of wrecking if I had the MV.
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We have the same problem out here at Angeles Crest Highway...the cops stop and ticket everyone for blinkers and pipes...less bikers mean less accidents and death...that's their attitude...

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i thought that if your bike passes a safety inspection than what can the cop say. are those euro lights on those rice burners all dot legit?

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If is is not DOT and OEM, it is a violation...

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Hey BN...good see ya back on here. Sorry about the Po-po messing with ya. But I have to say, It's understandable. The attitude of SOME of sportbikers, (a few on this fourm) have caused more headache for those of us who arent like them. Just read the thread about the FHP LEO death, to see what Im talkin about. It sucks, that a few bad apples ALWAYS ruin the bunch. These few bad apples, have been the cause of increased law enforcement with sportbikers.

I went through the same thing a few years back with LEO's targeting Sport compact cars. (Thanks to the movie Fast and Furious) And increased street racing with those cars. EVERY Compact car with wheels and a wing was targeted. I got rid of mine.

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Just because they write the ticket doesn't mean you are guilty.
Get your bike re-inspected, take your proof of inspection to the judge and get the tickets tossed out.
Are bikes even required to have turn signals in VA? In NM, if you know and utilize hand signals you don't even need turn signals. Look it up in your states DMV regulations.
Around here I fight EVERY ticket, no matter how trivial. In 16 years I've never paid a ticket (must be doing something right).
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Dude request a jury trial. This will mean "People" not cops will hear your voice. Like here. 2nd file a complain for profileing and your right It is wrong and i agree with you. This profileing shit has to end. If my pipe is illegal the screamin eagle is going out of buis. I have worked on harleys for police dept's there pipes wernt stock either.
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Crap like this is why I leave lighting, exhaust, and emission control stuff (anything that can be seen by visual inspection) STOCK!

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First off all you need to do is take pictures of the bike and the offending lights. They can not ticket you for things the officer thinks are not DOT. Officer are not around every tyoe of bike made every year. It does seem he may of had a beef with you and for being on a sportbike.

It will cost you some time, but go to court with the pictures of your bike and a new bike at a dealership. Take pictures of the inspection sticker and show the judge that the forks are upside down and have no proper place to put the inspection sticker. Show them the tail lights and turn signals and that they work and are visiable. Alot of the newer bikes are going with the newer interegrated style from the factory including the 06 ZX10R.

Once you are deon setting up for this go down a file a grievance with his supervisor and this is the important step, you ahve to follow thru with this otherwise his behavior will continue on and it will get worse as time goes on.

Be respectful the entire time you are talking to them during the ticketing phase and during the complaint phase, not saying you were not but just offering my advice on that part as it may help more than anything.

We have a officer here in OKC tha llikes, no loves to harrass riders. He uses leaving your faceshield up as he reason for a stop then goes to town after that. We ahve other officers that help us file our compalints against the guy just because they ahte him as much as we do. He threw me in the backseat about 3 years ago for the faceshield voilation and then threatened to jail me over it as he was being a ass and I told him so. I have several friends that are OKC officers and told him so and he told me they by name were crappy police officer and were not real policeman. I filed a formal complaint with his supervisor. About two days later I got a call from the supervisor asking me to meet him downtown, he made the officer give me a formal apology in front of him and me and my friends and told me that this would not happen again.

Use you head in a level headed way and you may be suprised by the outcome.
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