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Body Scanners

I'm getting ready to travel via air and I've heard about these new Body Scanners. The way I understand it is they use low dose radiation to accomplish the Scan and technically strip search everybody getting on the plane.

Besides the fact that strangers will get to lear at nude pictures of my wife, I've heard its potentially dangerous because of the additional radiation. American Airlines recommends their pilots refuse the scan and opt for the "new and improved" enhanced pat down search where the agents get to molest you legally. I intend to opt out of the scan but its going to really piss me off if some dude touchs my junk. I hate to end up in jail but I think I would punch a dude in the throat for that.

Another thing I noticed on my last trip was TSA (a government agency paid for with our tax dollars) has a separate line for First Class passengers. I'm not kidding when I say some of the people in my line tried to go through security via First Class and got yelled at like they were prisoners. I thought that was bad enough but I could suck it up for the convenience of air travel.

I already paid for this trip but I think it will be my last via Airlines. I was wondering what you all thought about this?
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Would you avoid getting an xray if you needed it? And yes, you will basically be molested my the pat down search. I wouldn't make this any bigger deal that it really is.

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Originally Posted by mach_man_187 View Post
Would you avoid getting an xray if you needed it? And yes, you will basically be molested my the pat down search. I wouldn't make this any bigger deal that it really is.
......I'd just go thru the scan myself, plus would you rather them get to get the xray shot of the wifey or hands on? just saying..........

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I wont fly anymore. If I can't get there by car, bike, train or boat I don't need to be there. I'm glad I went to Hawaii when I did, we had metal detectors but that's it. Next time we go back to Maui it will be by ship.

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I hate flying for multiple reasons. I couldn't give a shit less about the scanners. It's the whole feeling of being cattle herded. Then being stuck next to some fat SOB thats man titts flow over into my seat. Having to smell his BO for x amount of hours. Then I land and stand around waiting for my luggage... you know the same luggage they raped me for with those new fees before I got on the plane. Well, surprise surprise my shit isn't there. Now I have no fucking clean clothes and I can smell that fat SOB that sat next to me on my clothes since his moobs were damn near sitting on my shoulder for X hours.

Suggestion, if your fat as shit and can't fit in one seat with no part of your body protruding into the next persons seat please do one of the following:
1) Fly first class.
2) Don't fly.
3) Lose weight.
4) Buy 2 tickets.
5) Have a heart attack walking to the plane.

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Originally Posted by nolaZX10 View Post
Suggestion, if your fat as shit and can't fit in one seat with no part of your body protruding into the next persons seat please do one of the following:
1) Fly first class.
2) Don't fly.
3) Lose weight.
4) Buy 2 tickets.
5) Have a heart attack walking to the plane.
6. Die in a Fire

Originally Posted by NinjeR View Post
I'm glad I'm a stripper, the money keeps coming in! lol
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I can't wait to get on a plane and opt for the pat down. I am going to make noises of pleasure like I am enjoying it.

Why are we allowing some to opt out due to religion? Aren't the extreme fanatics of the very religion that we are allowing to opt out, the ones that caused us to do this in the first place?

Due to my religion, I don't think that it is appropriate that someone else sees my wife, let alone touch her. So, do we get a pass?

With that said, if it is scan/pat down or don't fly for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, then I could forego any other resistance as we are all being treated the same, without prejudice.

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I've decided to "Opt out" and have asked my wife to do the same. Only a female agent is allowed to touch the wife and if shes a good looking, I might even toss her a couple of bucks. Light petting and some tongue kissing would go a long ways towards her tip. Ha!

And I plan on embarrassing any dude that gets paid to juggle another guy's balls even in the name of "National Security". I don't care how they try to justify it, its still juggling another guy's balls. Come here Tiger, is that a missile in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? lol

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It would be kinda funny and sad if airline sales dropped a WHOPPING %40 or more across the board this holiday season as a direct result of this. To teach them a lesson to come up with some other way.

There are far bigger issues at hand than someone doing a quick pat on you or scanning with low radiation..

Here is something to think about, that will affect families more than just single guys or couples.

1) you have a family, 2 young kids 2 and 3 and a 8 month old baby.
I hope they have more inelegance not to bother with the baby by no fondling it or scanning. Um. NO, NO ONE will EVER scan my children or baby OR TOUCH THEM other than a hi-5

2) Your wife, g/f ( or if you are female) and are in your first or second trimester. Again, NO, YOU MAY NOT TOUCH a pregnant woman and if you scan and in the near future she has a stillbirth or a miscarriage or the child is born with physical/mental issues that was a direct result of the scan, there will be a phone call to every jewish lawyer in North America for a 1/2 billion dollar law suite.

Only exception is if you are 6'2', super gay and have a very bad case of poison ivy, opt for the body search. That would be the best youtube video ever.

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I think it is what it is. I just wish it wasn't such an f-ing hassle to fly in the first place. Now this just adds for more time to the whole process.

When I went to Medellin, Colombia in South America, the military personnel working the airport searched everything I had and they rubbed up my leg all of the way to where my junk meets my leg, but they didn't actually grab anything. This was the most extensive search I have ever had done.

I thought it was funny though because there wasn't anyone there that knew what a electric fan was. They put that fan through the x-ray thing over and over. They were shaking it, twisting the dial, and putting it up to their ear. It reminded of a group of monkeys exploring a new toy.

I also got fully searched in Penn. on my way back from Europe. It took them a half an hour to search everything and I had to run all the way to my airplane in order to make it.

I would like more high speed trains for travel throughout the US at least.
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