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Bought a Walbro GSS342 yesterday. Noname pumps not much cheaper here, brand aftermarket pumps overpriced at the few places where they are avail, but they are rare unlike in the US, so I checked that the pump not a turbine type fake one, the markings, and paid the price.

After some issues (the Walbro is longer) I think I managed to replace my OEM fuel pump with a Walbro GSS342. Had to decide to reuse the OEM plastic housing with the FPR, or ditch it and get an aftermarket one (FPR), and install the pump to the base, then with hoses, clamps etc.

Problems, changes with this setup:
- The fuel level sensor will be higher, so low fuel warning will come earlier - the pump is longer, so OEM plastic housing cannot sit down to the baseplate as with the original pump (116 mm)
- If I would use the oem filter's plastic shield, then the oem housing would sit even higher - I think that it doesn't do too much, so it wont be missed.
- I had to cut 1-2 millimeters from the top of housing's plastic slides so the hole on the metal "poles" of the pump base and the threaded "U" shaped thingy's hole can match (where the pump's earth terminal & the fuel level sensor bolted - it also fixes the plastic housing to the base)
- couldn't use the Walbro connector - too tall for the housing (the FPR right above it) so I crimped terminals on some silicone insulated wires, but I cut down the metal part which hold onto the insulation (to have more flexibility & clearance to route the wires from the connector - still a snug fit because of the FPR) then I insulated & checked the tightness of the terminals to have a good connection and reduce any chance to shorting)

Will check if it works after I get home from work. I hope that it will, and also that those stalls solved by this too - it's a shite feeling when one knows that the bike isn't fully reliable.
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