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Originally Posted by JayBoCC2 View Post
This thread is worthless.

If you want to know if anything bad is happening with your oil you need to send a sample to https://www.blackstone-labs.com and have it tested. Otherwise you might as well get a Ouija board and ask the spirits if you oil is contaminated.
Bro, not everyone wants to collect and send oil in every time they are curriois about something they are not familiar with. Aside from the wait time and the money involved, it is still helpful to actually understand what each bikes oil should look and smell like, often this can help someone know what is going on and do something about it right away vs waiting for shipping and test results.
To the op, faint fuel smells are normal, a heavy smell isn't. Rings have gaps for thermal expansion, when the bike is first started those gaps are still open and so some if the exhaust gases as well as fuel will work it's way down into the case and contaminate the oil. not a big deal until it is. That is why regular oil changes and maintenance are important. The times when it is an issue are usually due to burnt rings, leaking injectors or running too rich where all the fuel can't be burnt and will start to puddle a lil. If your oil looks cloudy right away or pearly or looks like it has extra stuff mixed in but you can't be sure what and it smells strongly of exhaust or gas or stays very low viscosity/extremely runny even when cold, you have issues. Small metal particulate is normal for the first couple oil changes. the break in extras should be cleared and flushed out by the time you are done with the second or 3rd oil change. after that and easily noticable sparkle or metallic crap is a sign shit is going wrong in a bad way. Depending on the type of metal will let you know how wrong but regardless, metallic crap in any easily noticable amount beyond the first few oil changes should prompt you to quickly send in a sample and get the bike to the shop or if you do it well I wouldn't be explaining this I don't think. Anyhow, slight fuel smell= normal. a tiny miniscule bit of (like you gotta work to find it) sparkle from metallic wear is not something to flip about. glitter or flakes on the other rhand should. Oil that looks like it has pearly clouds in it, also an issue. watery oil with any extra odor, strange color beyond dirty lol and you should be ready to drop some cash on testing etc. your oil from pics won't tell anyone much, it can tell you plenty. The best is if course to have it tested but to just do so every time is as pointless as saying this thread is pointless
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