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Oh NO! Fixed the fuelpump issue, but another set back! :'(
Bike runes fine now, but while I was waiting for the new fuel pump to be delivered... the tank had leaked. I foolishly left it upside down in a bucket, so I could leave the fuel pump assembly off the tank. It didn't leak at first so I figured it'd be fine. It eventually leaked and filled the bucket with fuel, stripping off all my stickers and most of the paint D:

Oh well. Had to wire wheel it clean again and starting over with paint. It's just spray paint and clear so only ~$10 in the hole... just quite a bit of time.

As far as legal issues... what a HEADACHE out here in California! $300 just for the DMV fee's because it's a salvage rebuild. And I have to pay $62 for a joke of an inspection to "prove" my brake and lights work on top of that. Nobody in a reasonable distance from me even offered the inspection for motorcycles, so I have to fill out a "statement of facts" form as an alternative. It took me 8+ shops to even find one willing to complete the form, because they didn't know about the form and suspected I was trying to be fradulent. Finally talked one in to doing it though, had to show them DMV legislation.
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