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Originally Posted by GAMO View Post
So had my GEN5 stolen from my flat while i was at work Saturday night! Got it back within an hour thanks to having a tracker.

They busted the steering lock so they could push it and in the process they have cracked my top yoke.

Can anyone advise on

1 A replacement top yoke? should i just buy a new OEM one or should i get aftermarket. Cant really afford a full kit but if there is a major benefit ill guess i can skip paying my rent for a month.
Want to retain the barrel but if thats not possible how would it work without a key

2 Repairing the steering lock. im not desperate to do this but if its something that can be done relatively cheap and hassle free ill do it.

Im in the UK so would prefer UK sites to buy but ill take any info available



Glad you got your bike back man, question though, is "a flat" the same thing as what we Americans call an apartment complex?
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