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Originally Posted by ypyk_xau View Post
I can tell only props for the airbox mod and the XXL ram intake. Bike is feeling much more violent now. Second gear power wheelies are much more violent than before. Can't tell AFR because my o2 sensor died and waiting for the new one. Butt dyno tells me - hell yeah!
Good to hear! Hopefully the afr is still in check as it sounds like its getting a lot more fuel!

Originally Posted by mpp12 View Post

you would have spent half the money with my mechanic.... doing the mood... I have a few boxes here laying around, you would just have to wrap it...

And yes it takes a lot of work to do that mood.

looks good by the way
I almost sent you a PM but then wasn't sure if it'd be too big of a pain in the butt. Good to know for next time or anybody that sees this thread

Bad news on my bike though. I started it on 4/18 late at night to make sure it started without issues as I was hoping to make a track day on the 20th. Bike started and let it idle for a minute and everything seemed good. Finished putting everything back together on Friday and was doing some street tuning and things from my old tune had it pretty close, I threw more fuel up top before making pulls and it was actually rich in some areas. Did a rebuild on the front caliper too as it seemed to be dragging more than I would've liked when putting it all back together.

Went to a good friday thing at church, picked up some fresh 93 on the way home and skipped going out to eat with the inlaws. Came home, did a little rip and it seemed to be quick. On the old hookup it spun in 2nd once it hit the powerband. In draggy i was able to get a 3.93 second 60-130 starting in 3rd. I was kind of glad it broke into the 3s starting in 3rd as seems most guys who are in the 3s are probably starting in 1st.

I was out doing one last log and did a 4th gear pull and just hit the limiter for a split second shut down and at the light right after getting off the highway it sounded like it was making some sort of noise. Got going a bit and bike just died. I was able to coast down the road to a side road and I did start the bike up for a second just to see if it would then shut it down quick as it didn't sound right. All the mods to reduce rolling resistance made it a pretty easy task to roll the thing to the gas station half mile down the road

Think the little guy liked the green and it was growing on me with the side winder too for some reason. At least the guy at the gas station said the bike got a lot of attention and lots of people were taking pictures of it he said. Felt weird leaving it somewhere with no head lights, no key/ignition and no plate lol.

And here is where its been sitting since 4/19.

With working on it every night for a week kind of burnt me out and have some stuff to do around the house. Kind of want to weigh it for fun before start taking it apart. Figure first thing is to pull the timing cover and see if it turns over by hand. Oil in the sight glass still looked good. Hopefully its nothing major, otherwise I might see what I can sell to just get another motor in there and make it to a track day in the fall.
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