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So I've been messing with the bike and it's so sketchy and beat up and I had a hunch that it was a stunt bike because of the cages and it was looped obviously. I went and picked up more parts from dude and he gave me the headlight & tail light, a flashed ecu, gauges, clutch perch, front sprocket cover oem kick stand, ignition switch, a bunch of random stuff, and.... the seats and this is what confirmed that it was stunted it had a foot hole cut out and the clean air mod in the air box.

But you get what you paid for and I didn't pay jack lol

mocked up a damp mount at the Oem spot on Suzuki drilled into the bottom of the frame were the air duct is and made a mount on the "driver" side bottom triple clamp mount bolts since I have dirt bars

drilled holes for the pro taper dirtbike fat bar mount on the zx6r top triple clamp and got it welded so its more stout and rebuilt the mc

trying to fab the 2nd gen subframe to work but I think I need the side covers and seat off the 06 as well to get it to work but lmk if anyone can find a post on this

Been chasing parts on ebay and around
found a gas tank for $120 with fuel pump
swingarm for a steal $20 lol no issues dents or anything
2nd Gen rear rim with vortex sprocket and good Dunlop tire for a steal of $94 that swaps right in np
new fender
wire harness
vortex front sprocket
pro taper evo fat bars
stuntex brembo reservoir
stunt clutch
new cables
oem dog bones
oem style grips

I'll post some pics up later on the progress I've made looks like a diff bike lol so stoked for it to be done and feel free to shoot me ideas, pics on here or whatever anyone can think of doing just to get some ideas on building this streetfighter.
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