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Originally Posted by theatiss View Post
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You guys seriously lol this is my stockbore G3 really it is, I wouldn't normally post this as it's not my usual dyno and it is a little optimistic to say the least. All dynos read different to an extent.
A completely stock engine g3 ZX10r how much hp makes out at your dyno?
Where i dynoed mine the stock ones makes out around 160hp at sae scale or 168hp at DIN
LOL i normally use the dyno at BSD which is a 250i, reason being that's the dyno MCN use so it's a good baseline to the figures you read in the MCN. But I am out in Belgium this year for the year so I used this guys dyno over the border in Holland. Its reading high for sure that's the only reason I posted it up. No it's not a stock engine only a stock bore, lightened balanced and edged crank, G4 pistons rods throttle bodies, decked and ported head, WSB inlet valves & G4 exhaust valves, I machined the head for +1mm inlet buckets and with some dremel work got the Kent Kawi 35's in at 112-112 it's torque curve that makes it absolute bliss! But I did a similar build with Kent 32's which did 190 at BSD I think this around 195 realistically. The dyno guys say it's The same power as a 2019 KRT out the crate. 😏 I'm not so sure but I only posted this to raise the point all dynos are different.
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