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The next step was to bring the bike to the guy who built the engine of my previous track bike as well. Last time the same amount of engine work took around 5-6 months during the winter (whew, the guy is really busy!), so I wanted to get it started as soon as possible, to finish the engine before the season starts.

We dropped the engine in half an hour, and I came home with the rest, so I will have plenty of time to work on track fairings, wiring loom, etc. Looks perfect, weight saving level 99!

The plan is to refresh the engine, as the bike had around 24.000 street kilometers, just to be on the safe side, so hopefully there will be no problems during the season in this regard. This includes inspection of all the engine components (clutch, transmission, etc.), all new bearings, gaskets, and so on. Of course, while the engine is in tiny little pieces, it is the right time to do some extra work and get some more ponies. To make the bike a little faster, the following mechanical changes are currently in progress:
- full head work with flow matching and reworked valve seats,
- Kawasaki thin head gasket (I found a guy in Europe who has an old stock of all the race gaskets from 0.45mm to 0.60mm ),
- new camshafts from Kent Cams (part number: KAW32).

To support these modifications on the electronics side, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Kawasaki race ECU and the corresponding wiring harness (a full harness, not just an adapter to the original one). This way I will be able to throw out useless stuff from the bike, like the exhaust servo, O2 sensors, ignition key and such, while having more control over the ECU and fancy new features (pit limiter, etc.). Woohoo!
The bike already had a Power Commander V and a Secondary Fuel module before, that I plan to keep. A good friend of mine is running a DynoJet shop, so the plan is to have the bike tuned there once everything is back together. Tuning the PC seems to be much easier (and automatic) than trying to set the right fueling through the race ECU by hand. Also planning to set the fueling separately for each cylinder, but the race ECU has no support for this, so it will be done by having 4 different maps in the PCV.

The kit harness I got is a used one, of course, so I started to tear it down and check all the wires and connectors.

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