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28 days, and it felt like 3 years....in his case, "ONLY" sort-of did fit because it could have been 20. Jesus, I cant even imagine. Federal time, so you do every day you were sentenced to. No subtract time for"good behavior"

I kind of lost track of him after his prison stay. He was a super nice guy who was horribly embarrassed by what he did, obviously.

I thought the busllshit part was how the government watched him break the law for so long before they did anything. Instead of arresting him when he owned 100k, they waited until he owned 2.3 million. At that point, most of us will never pay all that back.

Im not saying what he did was acceptable, or anything like that, but how do you prove what you did 7 years ago was legal, or illegal?

he was pretty much forced to do, and agree to anything the govt said because the prison time (and money owned) just kept getting higher, and higher the more he fought back.

I hope Dan does not go through the same thing.
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