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Good luck to you. With your knowledge and skill set along with all the contacts you have I bet you will be OK. Give yourself some you time to reflect and also some bonding time with the family. Surround yourself with a positive support system and you will actually come out of it refreshed with less stressful feelings.

I cannot imagine the shock though that must be. When I left the Air Force I was in my mid 30's and had a job lined up before I even left and was working it two months before I was technically out. I quit that after 5 years when I was offered contract work overseas. Then I made the decision to pursue my academic interest. So, I have no idea what getting walking papers must be like. I am fearful though of finding a job after I am done with grad school. I was supposed to do this federal contracting thing with my father in law, but I found out he was writing up over inflated bids and paying contracting officers under the table to approve his bids.... dirty as [email protected] So nope, I will not let him use me for getting veterans preference after that. I am pretty much back to square one on the job search.

Anyway I hope for the best for you on your new path wherever it takes you!

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