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Spent the weekend in the closet....

Not as bad as it sounds, now that I have your attention.

I've been re-modeling my 1900sqft basement, and installing a home theater room.
It has 3 concrete walls, and 3 layers of sound proof insulation. With 5.1channel surround sound built into the walls.
(Front is Memphis Power reference 5.25" component set, .5cuft sealed)
(Rear is Memphis Power reference 6.25" 4th order band pass 2:[email protected])
(Subwoofers, are 2 10" hand made woofers ported 3.8cuft @29hz)
For anyone who knows audio....

For everyone else,
55" LED HD Tv
Xbox one
Xbox 360
(Not pictured, but work in progress, is end table with flush mounted Samsung tablet to stream music, and work as touch screen system remote, and 75 gallon aquarium wit movie prop decor)

Pictures attached

Anyways, the most recent additon was to make the closet into a "safe"
I used a solid wood door that opens out and ordered a digital keypad dead-bolt lock.
This is what it contains

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