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Can't Wheelie My 2014 ZX-10R For The Life Of Me

Hey guys, title says it all. I just got her a week ago with 3k miles on her. She just won't go up. I've been using the clutch up technique because I've heard and feel that it is the safest method to learn, although I know that nothing about wheelies are safe. Now when I'm really pounding the bike, she'll Pop up a few inches by herself shifting from 1st to second. I only weigh about 125-130 lbs. However, here's how my attempts go with the clutch up wheelies. I've tried everything from sitting down to standing up in the staggered position, I pop the clutch with 2 fingers, one finger, anyway that I can. And I give it anywhere from 5k-11k rpm, with the best results getting me up about 3-4 inches before bringing me back down after less than half a second and accelerating me to speeds over 70mph in first gear. I've tried popping out the clutch in 2nd gear as well with even less success. A thing to note is that it did have a quick shifter which would delay the ignition cut out, however I found the computer under the passenger seat and removed it. Nothing seems to be working for me, and here's the reason I came here. I wanted to know if you guys have any advice on popping it up? Any help would be greatly appreciated, however please I know the risks of what I'm doing so please don't scold me. I'm doing it in a safe environment with all the protection. Thank you all for your help.
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