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Originally Posted by Capncalyx View Post
Wrote a bunch o stuff and deleted it. lol.
Maybe you should hang around here for a while and get to know some people before you ask this? Its kinda like going around and asking complete strangers to like you when they've never met you. And none of us know what your stats are. Ive never liked anyone to get free stuff, I liked em because of how they race, where they finish and maybe for personality but not to get free stickers. Just sayin.
Maybe wait til you have a couple hundred posts for Shameless Self Promotion? Might go over better.

Edit - with your post count it just comes across as trolling forums for clicks.
I was thinking this same thing. Not about number of posts, but if you're going to try to promote yourself, sell yourself. I'm not going to follow a guy who looks like he could possibly be trolling if I've never heard of you? Not that I follow amateur racing, which I don't, but are you winning or placing in races? How about you give us some more info about you? Not what you are trying to do and maybe we will see you as a genuine person you could be over a guy who is only selling himself? Just my

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