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Originally Posted by nakedinseattle View Post
i made most of the worthwhile posts/vids/threads in that section, as i gave it a go for the sake of the forum. no one else has. which goes to show no one cares. if you like it, go to a stunt forum. this is a 10r forum, and almost no one stunts a 10r. hence, why is there a stunt section for something that doesn't really exist? there are forums for stunters. and female stunters. and retarded midgets without arms and legs stunters. whatever floats your boat, i dont know or care. i'm just saying it's not relevant to a zx10r specific forum such as this. everyone was pretty happy before it was opened, now its just kinda a sad reminder of that banned douche since he spammed the hell out of it.

its all in the name of good for the forum. if yall like it, cool, but post in it then, dont be leeches who dont contribute.

I bow to you all mighty. I get what you're saying for the most part. I contribute to the forum by trying to help others with any smidgen of knowledge I might have in a certain subject. Be it in this particular section or not. Lets agree to disagree, you don't like it, and have the power to do something then get rid of it. It seems like it really effects you, and you genuinely care about its existence. Give her DAS BOOT.
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