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Originally Posted by or10r View Post
Yeah I would never call it safe either. I see guys carted out by EMS every track day. I bet you do too. I dont advocate them breaking the law or endangering others either. I just hate to see them not have a place to stunt if thats what they like to do. I mean I can do a track day to get my fix but what can they do other than find an out of the way parking lot until the cops come.
quick note: of the dozen plus track days i've done this year only had 3 people transported. i've been one of em before i know what you mean though.

well we call those people lawbreakers because the only thing they love to do happens to break the law. i don't care what they do as long as they don't hold up traffic, now you're being a public nuisance. go do whatever you want on the freeway, stunt, speed, split, as long as you're all going over the speed limit and not causing a traffic jam i could give two shits if you were taking a bubble bath in applesauce being fed grapes by lemurs with electrodes attached to your nipples in the bed of a semi truck, as long as you're not holding up traffic, go for it. when i come up on hundreds of bikes blocking freeway traffic is when i wish i had a snowplow
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