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1st off...AWESOME DECISION GUYS!!!! I really think a STUNT SECTION can bring a little flavor the the site and if nothing else a little entertainment for the guys who've never really had an opportunity or real motivation to go look for it.
I quit actively stunting a few years ago but I still have alot of friends in the scene and guess you can say stilla kinda have my "Thumb on the pulse".
Just to clarify and avoid confusion (And correct me if I'm wrong), this is more like the "Stunt thread" than the stunt section.
Which is fine and certainly an improvement. The only downside to just having a thread instead of an actual section is the comments and may get jumbles and lost as to individual pics/vids and discussions...make sense?

Anyway...I'll start off w/a few pics and vids.
I have to get ready for work so it's gonna be more video links than pics but I will step up and contribute to this thread as mush as time allows as promised.
This first is my buddy Jesse Toler, a really nice, incredibly talented guy from Tampa, Fl who has gained international recognition in the stunt world and beyond with his Guiness book of world record stoppie!
http://youtu.be/pGwvBxX7Soc I just saw that vid for the 1st time and it's one of his best imo.
http://youtu.be/ZhevDrLog68 This is one the gnarliest drift videos ever, again my dog Jesse.
http://youtu.be/9tfs-ccC5xk You saw it!!! 1,320+ feet on the front wheel, lifted at 150 MF'n mph.
I dont know about you guys but stoppies terrify me!!!
Slamming that front brake at 150 mph and controlling that bitch like walking the dog for like 3 football fields (my math is horrible, lol) is INSANE!!!!

This is me on the 954 back in the day...

And the 929 stunter...my favorite shot ever taken on a cell phone!!! Little spreader (Side note, I never advanced to a hand brake...everyone thought I was nuts doing spreaders and past BP wheelied w/no hand brake.
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