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Originally Posted by Blown Camaro View Post
Hmmm. The ZX-10R is not a stunt bike for one thing. Doesn't have graphics and stickers plastered all over it either. You'd probably really enjoy Gixxer.com
Really, I wonder how the hell I make it look so easy on my 10 then???
Me thinks I smell a....ha-ter (Sing song voice) lol Must suck, but I guess 5,000,000 Harley fags cant be wrong huh? I own a ZX10 so being a member of Gixxer.com would be almost as stupid as saying "A ZX10 is not a stunt bike"...almost.

Originally Posted by Walter View Post
Any bike can be a stunt bike. Variety is the spice of life. If we all liked what you liked, we would be driving camaros and riding motorcycles with both wheels on the ground. Boring.....
Good post bro!
Originally Posted by or10r View Post
I would suggest staring a thread in the suggestion area. Wouldnt surprise me if they opened a stunting area if there were enough interest.
I could do that...lotta other shit going on right now but Im really digging the site and would def be able to spear that idea, since I did it 8 yrs ago on TSB.
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