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Originally Posted by Johns04ZX10R View Post
I find it hard to believe that its cheaper to engineer, manufacture, and assemble entirely different parts compared to just manufacturing more of the good parts you already designed and tooled up for.
A good friend of mine has an 08 FZ1 (edit: had, it just got stolen a few weeks ago). It is nowhere near as powerful as the 08 R1, and the suspension is not near as good or adjustable for that matter. After you ride the 08 R1, the FZ1 feels fat and sluggish. Almost nerdy. Although it is easier to ride long distances due to the riding position. The Z1000 is the same story -- a lame duck after riding a ZX10R.
I guess street-fighter ZX10R is still the only option for now. I just dont want to have to build my own when the Z1000 should already be that bike.
Get with it Kawasaki. Give us the 425lb 160hp/75ft-lb hooligan Z1000 that we want!
well, to enlighten you a little. the fz1's have the previous gen r1 engines in them, that are also de-tuned slightly for around town ridability instead of top end power. the suspension is adjustable, i'll go take pictures of the stock suspension on mine if you don't believe me. yes, the sport bike r1 is a better handling bike than a standard sport tourer bike, the fz1 only weighs about 30 pounds more as well. so yes, it is cheaper to make because there really isn't any engineering going into the bike, it's older technology.

why do people not understand not all bikes are made the same

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