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Why did Kawi make the Ninja 1000 and Z1000 so inferior to the ZX10R?

I just dont get it. I went to the dealership yesterday and browsed through the new 2012 models. Why does Kawi waste their resources with these sub-par liter-bikes?
The Z1000 and Ninja 1000 are heavier, fatter, inferior suspension, inferior motor, inferior brakes, etc parked right next to a ZX10R. They are crappier all around, except they are more comfy for the long haul. I want to be more comfy on a Z1000 without giving up the superior performance of the ZX10R. WHY cant we get a semi-naked ZX10R with handlebars and no electronic gizmos? PLEASE!
Ten years ago, the 1st gen (2003) Z1000 had the same problems --they used a wimpy motor and inferior suspension with a crummy steel rubber-band frame. At least it looked cool. Many guys put ZX6R suspension on them (thankfully a direct swap) just to get it to handle.
From an accounting standpoint, doesnt it make more sense to produce a larger quantity of the SAME ZX10R parts they already designed and tooled up for, and then only change a few key things to make it comfy and call it a Z1000? Economy of scale.
Please Kawi, I hope you are listening. Because right now Im still riding my 04 ZX10R and it would be nice to see a new bike I actually lusted for. Im not 21 anymore; Im 31 years old now and ready for a naked superbike!
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