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Originally Posted by BlackRifleTrucker View Post
If I remember correctly these are the steps

1. Turn on key
2. Hit mode til the mileage of your bike is showing
3. Hold reset button til code is shown.

If that doesn't work post up and I'll look in the service manual.
Does the warning have to be active to pull the code i.e. currently flashing or does the ECU store the fault for later retrieval even if no warning display is currently being displayed?

Sturner - thanks for all the good information, can you confirm from your service manual that the above is the correct method to extract the code?

I am getting the FI warning every ride now but only when starting up after the engine has been sitting for about 30 minutes. Cold starts are fine with no FI warning. It is virtually inmpossible to know what's up without the code. I am under warranty until December but I don't want to drop it off at the dealer just yet until I've taken a shot at it. It could be realated to the PCIII and TRE installation. Never had a problem with those before on any other bike though.

Thanks Guys, your help is greatly appreciated!

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