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Originally Posted by cbolton69 View Post
Too add to the madness, there were 5 or 6 banshees there with 10" slicks and wheelie bars spanking a highly modded zx1000 with a wheelie bar.. just so happens we are parked right next to them. Well they keep trying to get me to line up.. I never would agree to race and they didn't like that.. so the Guy I went with were only running solo runs due to only one lane showing MPH on the print out. So while I'm burning out, that dude on the banshee shoots into The opposite lane, and to keep from looking like a bitch I just rolled with it.. anyway I smoked him by a good 8-10 bike links. And to me was the best pass I made all night. . Guess what, the slip Guy gave me the wrong slip and the dude on the banshee was a mf'r and would show me my winning slip..
THat's because you made him look like the ass he was.Had to make you feel good.
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