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Balogiannis 05-19-2011 03:38 PM

PC-V & autotune on a 1st GEN
I just finished modding a PC-V for a friends 1st GEN,he already had a PC-III but he wanted the dual maps,autotune etc...

It's really a relatively easy thing to do,I spent more time thinking what to do than actually doing it... :badteeth:

Side by side


PC-III has a separate plug for the tps input,which PC-V doesn't,it's the white 3 wire plug,on the PC-V those inputs are on the main grey plug...


Checking both devices with a multimeter and my initial suspicions came out to be true... The brown wires on the PC-V are a simple loop,same for the black wires on the PC-III...So I just need to identify the coloured wires,thankfully dynojet has the same colours on all the PC's,so it's easy to follow...
Here you can see that both devices have the exact same plug,but the pins are in different locations...

So I just rewired the PC-V plug to match the PC-III... PC-III on the left (used as a guide) and PC-V on the right after the rewire...


As you can see I left the grey ( tps) and black/white ( sensor ground) wires out. I explain later in the post why I did this,these 2 wires are the trickiest part in the whole process

This is where the TPS wires have to be connected,again look further down in the thread to see how and why....


Next step is to fit the autotune...More pictures on the bike soon... Dynojet should have done that a long time ago... :heyyou: Here is a short video showing everything connected...

As you can see in the 2nd video TPS is not yet set up properly,and you can see that AFR is stuck at 9.99 because my battery is not fully charged and cannot heat the sensor immidiately.Having a fully charged battery is a good thing to do because autotune draws a lot of current ( 3 Amps),and if it's not working properly you'll get wrong trims...
I would also recommend that you download the latest software for the PC-V,which is version It has some nice additions,I will explain them later... Most important are the cell tracer,that you can configure the map switch and autotune on-off switch indepedently,meaning you can have 2 maps and autotune at the same time.

EDIT 22Well here are the schematics. They are very raw as they weren't ment to be public,just to help me.

I will try to explain what you see here,anyone has any questions please ask.

This what the 3d GEN PC-V looks like when looking the plugs from behind.


And this is the rewiring you need to do,so that you can install it on a 1st GEN.
updated photo

Now the tricky part. There is one small thing you need to take care of. The B/W and Gr (grey) wires are not a simple loop,but a "T" connection when you buy the PC-V.


We don't want that because the tps plug is located elsewhere on the 1st GEN,so we need to cut the wire that goes to the PC-V,make an extension for it and using a posi-tap "steal" the tps signal and sensor ground from the tps plug,right above the 1st cylinder throttle body.Something like this... (note that I left the other wire in place to act as loop-wire,this is the easiest way to do this).


And this is where you need to connect the two extensions you made.


I know my write up is a mess,but if you have the PC-V on your hands you will understand everything,it's very easy actually... :mrgreen:

shojivic 05-19-2011 10:32 PM

I'm subscribed! Keep up the good work!!

badassjake 05-20-2011 06:17 AM

1 Attachment(s)
When doing my 07 PC3 to 04, I cut out and re-used the servo motor connectors to act as the junction,then just hard wired the servo motors.

I just installed an Ignition module from a Zx6RR to the Gen1...coils,same, white wire tagged into the ignition pickup.....simple as that.

Gotta love the simplicity of mass production....decoding what wires do what was the biggest mystery, as you stated too.

bodymanruss518 05-20-2011 06:22 AM

Very interested in this!.............so this is a fly by tune?.meaning..I can hook up an O2 sensor on my akra header and the PC5 will autotune it to keep it within a set A/F ratio?.........I'm subscribed also!!

tasos 05-20-2011 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by bodymanruss518 (Post 1650479)
Very interested in this!.............so this is a fly by tune?.meaning..I can hook up an O2 sensor on my akra header and the PC5 will autotune it to keep it within a set A/F ratio?.........I'm subscribed also!!

I like the way you think bud :thumbsup:

tasos 05-20-2011 06:39 AM

REP'ed for an excellent job mate :thumbsup:

copperelite 05-20-2011 07:49 AM

been wanting to do this for awhile now

Balogiannis 05-20-2011 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by bodymanruss518 (Post 1650479)
Very interested in this!.............so this is a fly by tune?.meaning..I can hook up an O2 sensor on my akra header and the PC5 will autotune it to keep it within a set A/F ratio?.........I'm subscribed also!!

Yes,you can hook up the autotune device which controls the O2 sensor,and connects to the PC-V.

Then,you enable the autotune feature through the PC-V software,set your target AFR and let the autotune device built a map.



Originally Posted by dynojet research
New for the PC V is the available add-on Auto Tune 2-cylinder module which allows for live, closed loop EFI tuning. Based closely on Dynojet's new Wideband Commander 2 it features a OEM quality Bosch Wideband O2 sensor.
The Auto tune module allows users set a demanded air/fuel ratio in the Power Commander V software and the Auto tune will make adjustments in real time. When enabled there is an AFR table with the same 250 RPM increment resolution as the fuel table. The Auto tune can be configured for minimum run time before live sample as well as maximum +/- fuel adjustments in relation to the base map.
The Auto Tune kit can also use the Dynojet map switch or any open/closed switch which allows the user to switch between live tuning to the parameters set thru the PC V software or the base map in the PC V unit. You can leave the map switch in "live" mode, or if you want to write the fuel map you can connect to the PC V software, retrieve the fuel trims and either write them to the map or clear them. We have also compared several Auto Tune derived maps to dyno tuned maps and the results were impressive.

You can also use the wideband 2 module as an autotune device ( actually autotune it's the same device as a WB2 minus the ability to drive a gauge). Using wb2 gives you the advantage of monitoring the AFR live through the gauge,while the device is autotuning...
(rep to dynagrego & madmax for bringing this to my attention)

I'm using the very same setup on my gixxer,and it works like a charm... I will soon replace the stock dash and wb2 gauge with an MXL,and I will see the AFR live on my MXL dash ,as the wb2 has an analog 0-5 output.



Originally Posted by tasos (Post 1650489)
REP'ed for an excellent job mate :thumbsup:


tasos 05-20-2011 08:20 AM

Do you need to weld 2x O2 sensors on the gen1 exhaust, or one is enough?

08zx10rny 05-20-2011 08:27 AM

that is very sweet. reps to you :thumbsup: so this means i can probably do that with a Bazzaz setup as well. i have the bazzaz tc replacing the regular bazzaz fi on my 08. was going to sell it but now i interested if i could rewire it to make it work on the 05.

subscribed 100% :popcorn:

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