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Gen 5 Fly-By-Wire Snappy Throttle Issue

Hi All!

Has the Gen 5 fly-by-wire snappy throttle issue been worked out yet for most of you who own that bike? I briefly owned a 2014 model and found the throttle to be smooth as butter. Long story short (some of you may have already read it on another thread) the bike was totaled and I'm considering a 2016 model as a replacement or a 2016 ZX6R. I'm just concerned about the snappy throttle issue because one of my biggest pet peeves on bikes is a snappy or abrupt throttle.

Speaking of the 2016 ZX6R, is that using also a fly-by-wire system as well? I was able to test drive a used 2013 ZX6R a few months back and found the throttle to be a bit abrupt on/off compared to my former 2014 ZX10R.

Thanks and looking forward to your feedback.
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I have a gen 4 and a gen 5 and I found both of them to have abrupt on off throttle out of the box. Both of mine were made better with tuning. However, my gen 4 still is smoother mid throttle than my gen 5.
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I can report owning two g4's, the '11 and the '13 and throttle is normal on both. ofc, this does not mean that the g5 is the same as the g4. Mine were all oem, as in, zero flash or any mods to the engine.
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Its the fuel cutoff. Can be fixed with a flash likr on the gen 4
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Woolich will resolve this issue!

Because wheelie!!!

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Try a 03 636, its snatch city!
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Get the FTECU flash kit like I did. You won't get a smoother throttle then the Graves flash, works amazing.

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Originally Posted by bbsteinnewyork View Post
Get the FTECU flash kit like I did. You won't get a smoother throttle then the Graves flash, works amazing.
I had my ECU flashed and the Graves map (along with their LINK exhaust) and the throttle response (with a Motion Pro throttle) is terrific IMO.
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and thats why you send the ecu to 2 wheel dynoworks for an ecu flash
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*long, deep, breath*
Throttle "snatchiness" on the 5th gen is about 95% related to ETV mappings. About 5% is going to relate to fuel decel cut.

For the uninitiated, ETV is basically the "electronic throttle" in relation to the "physical throttle" AKA your wrist. Decel cut is the injectors cutting off when you close the throttle - disabling that allows the injectors to still throw fuel at the motor so the motor doesn't go from feast -> famine -> feast when the throttle on the bike goes on -> off -> on.

For those that don't know (and not many do) ETV maps on the Kawi models are not and cannot be mapped similarly to Yamaha or even the new GSXR 1000/1000R. Just doesn't work that way. For whatever reason, Kawi took a different approach... Yet people still try to map them the same way.

For the record and to be as forthcoming as can be... I obviously sell/distribute Woolich Racing products. On the other hand, I also take in local bikes for tuning and what I get is what I get based on the customer and their purchases. So I have tuned bikes with the other offerings out there. And this is just not on specifically the ZX-10R... I have customers who have had flashes from ___________ and ____________ on different models all to say the same thing; holy crap... Case in point the new R1; be it a "custom flash" from someone or a "race flash" from some supposedly high level shop here or there... It doesn't hold water to a custom ETV map I build for a rider. More specifically, canned mapping offered by such and such. Ask ZXTendencies about what he preferred; his prior R1 flash made by Grave or my flash that we custom suited to him... Not throwing anyone under the bus, just stating the fact that what works for Joe Shmoe may not work for John Smith in differing scenarios and the importance of custom mapping the throttle as to just taking it as is from whoever it is that gives it to you.

I have tuned bikes both on the dyno and more importantly the track, using the "unrestricted" or the "________ exhaust map" customers or friends bring me and they are never right. I put a logger on the bike, record some data, make some ETV adjustments for the rider they go out for another session and they come back in amazed. The throttle feel is crap in canned maps - typically it is all or nothing. And if you only know one config either stock or "flashed" - obviously anything is better than stock for sure.

Problem is, unless you know how Kawi handles the new ETVs or you actually have data logging or even live engine data to see a relation to ETV to TPS, you can make no distinction. Nor can you fine tune the throttle for the specific track/turn/gear/RPM/throttle position.

This is where live engine data/data logging come in handy....
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2017-08-17 02.20.29.jpg
Views:	92
Size:	210.1 KB
ID:	403705

Here you can actually see the value of the physical throttle compared to the electronic throttle. When it comes to setting up maps for the track or even the street, this data here is invaluable. Especially when it comes to tuning the throttle for the track and specific sections of them or even the street.
* Are you coming out of T12 in third gear and the front end lifting too much for you killing your drive out of the turn?
** Easy fix, adjust the ETV to dial back the electronic throttle some so it doesn't give the bike as much and maximized drive out
* Are you mad about a laggy throttle in town cruising?
** Easy fix again, adjust the ETV to make it closer to a 1:1 throttle ratio electronically so you don't have to slip the clutch or rev bomb to get going from a stop light
* Additionally in either situation you can monitor and track wheel speed to see if you are actually going faster or just feel like you are.

If you want to totally, 100%, completely get rid of the throttle snatchiness you will have to do one of the following as snatchiness to you, may not be snatchiness to another different person or the person that Company A designed their map in mind for...
1) Get a flashing kit yourself and custom tune the ETV maps to you, your situation and your feel (Woolich is the only one with data logs and data recording as shown above so you can see the relation in a visual chart)
2) Take the bike to a shop that has a flashing kit and have them build you a custom ETV map to suit your needs based on your feedback
3) Send it off to be flashed for you and adjust your riding to the throttle that the tuner programmed for you or send it back and forth and hope that between the exchanges of the ECU you get it figured out.

Not here to push one option over the other option (to be frank, I could not care less what option you choose) but speaking from experience on both sides of the fence, nothing will beat a custom ETV map made for specifically for you.
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