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Originally Posted by hillcountry10r

and since you mentioned it...

I still have your gas can that you forgot as well...maybe if you had come to the race like you said you woulda got both...

:some more 'tude for the crazy cajun:

And yes Miykl...Jesus does love you!

back on topic...I think I gotta edit a couple of things in the origiinal post...just FYI.
It's all good!! You can toss that gas can and I dun wanna that Hillybilly infested shirt anymore! I have two more just like it! It's a race donation!!

Here's some on topic additions:

The Gixxer or Yammi is faster. If the rider of the Gixxer or Yammi is faster.

Bloo is by far the faster color. Limited edition and all for 04. (you can still get one, check my classified ad!)

BD is a Gay old bald dude and the reason Killa only comes around every once in a while is he's bitter about BD's new boyfriend.

Andy doesn't even own a bike and very well may be a Crossdresser going by the name "Marisa".

Hill is as dumb as he looks.

You can take the coonass outa Loseranna, but you can't take the loser out of the coonass.

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