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Originally Posted by landrokkit View Post
Recently had some issues with my bike which have since been fixed but during that time I was hyper-aware of every little thing and I noticed my oil level seemed kind of high, like to the top of the sight glass window or just above. I find this weird because I am always really careful in making sure to fill it right in the middle of the sight glass. It has been about a year or just over since I last changed it because i hardly rode last season, but when I did change it it was pretty black; no creamy color at all...

I suppose I could have just somehow overfilled and not noticed it until now, but is there any other cause of this magical oil level increase other than gasket issues?

If you know for certain the oil level was correct then pop the fill cap and smell for fuel. I had the same problem last year and it turned out to be the injectors staying open after shutdown do to a faulty Power commander. It would flood the cylinders and eventually creep past the rings and into the pan. Hopefully you just overfilled. [emoji1303]

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