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Bike has just OVER 82,000 miles; so a little less than 12,000 after the rebuild.

Other observations: just before engine failure of the '11 g4 AND the '13 g4 the engine went into extreme SMOOTH mode; hard to describe as subjective.


When my dealer tech released the '13 after the build, I immediately noticed the EXACT same super smooth engine I had prior to failure; so I was just a tiny bit nervous for a couple minutes prior to each loop for a couple days.

But np for 12 thousand miles.

Started this morning heard for first time with ear plugs, some disturbing chatter and shut off. Dealer gave me a go to bring it in; I also noticed that the front of the radiator appeared blackened; I suspect caused by the problem as I'm cleaning bugs, wheels and chain after each ride and always scan the radiator for damage as have had two radiator holes on each g4.

Certainly not rideable as the chatter without the ear plugs was disturbing.

Once I learn from tech guy I'll report back;

Also, for record, tank paint worn off in couple places about 75k miles; better than the '11; fork seals solid yet, '11 seals failed early about 30k; no oil burning but very MILD oil seepage after rebuild, nothing on garage floor and easy to clean off.

One other interesting observation concerning loop. Better tire wear. Part of loop that was extremely tight twists was closed by county due to storm repair in cliff section.

I had to learn a new tight section faster with more slab thus than the closed section; however with a fast mountain pass, slab, nearly empty, often with high winds (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Califo...tate_Route_152) the bike responded perfectly without regard to whatever wind strength.

Rear met rr lasted 4k miles; front rs10 same with slight V. With old loop, 3k is max at the steel for rear and front V'd terrible at 4k miles

New loop is 40 miles longer but same time and better tire wear; about 230 miles; time ranging from 3 hours 15 to 4 hours depending upon conditions.

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