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Originally Posted by SkyDork View Post
Red Loctite is permanent. Blue Loctite is the temporary type.

Also, you're misreading the torque specs. Those specs would only apply to the OEM fender. Since you've replaced that with aftermarket, those specs don't apply. They can be used as a guide though. And if you'll notice, the specs are in inch-pounds. That's pretty damn light, they aren't crucial parts, so snug them up and you're done. Don't waste your time putting a torque wrench on those. Hand snug, not hand tight. Don't crank them until they won't turn any more, just a snug fit. You'll be fine.
It looks like the OEM fender was got blue loctite from the factory, and the metal tray under the passenger seat got red loctite. So it should be fine just going over everything with blue when tightening back up?

I have the Yoshimura elim kit, and the instructions say to use the original fender bolts to attach the new bracket back to the subframe, and tighten to spec. 62 in-lb does seem really loose, and I think that's just barely on my wrench's scale, so I guess I'll just forget the wrench but may still do the loctite to make sure nothing vibrates loose over time.
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