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Originally Posted by renais View Post
No, because they're expensive and maintenance heavy, but they are apparently relatively easy to work on and belts , changed every 12K, something that can be done at home.

I think its the same in the US, here in the UK Ducatis will hold value better than any UJM and Kawas seem to depreciate more than most.

They are the Ferrari of the bike world, early 851's and 888's are stupid expensive and even the 916 and 996 are fetching up to £15K. Ducati retros like the GT1000 are amongst the most sought after and can also fetch £5K to £15K . There are other examples,748, 998 and even the much derided 999, but I think you get my drift ........

On another note, gen1's are becoming quite sought after over here and holding their value well
If you want to keep the factory warranty though I think you need to follow their maintenance schedule... Which the first one is at 500km lol. Get outta here with that $800 nonsense.

Just my opinion tho :)

Prior to buying my zx, I was considering the hypermotard.

Just wasn't feasible.

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