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I think it goes without saying, that if you buy new you're always going to take a hit financially.

You'll never get out if it what you put into it.

I don't think KM matter very much at all to be honest, rather the condition of the bike, and how much desire there is for that model where you live.

You're bike is still pretty new and has low km on it. Because of this, you may feel it's worth quite a bit more. The problem is, that once you start flirting with a certain dollar amount people would rather just buy new. There needs to be a significant discount for us to want yours over the shiny one at the store.

Only you can decide what it's worth in your geographical region.

I just bought a bike 3 weeks ago and did lots of bike shopping, so I have a pretty good idea how people think. I saw many near new bikes that I had no I interest in paying the asking price.

If you really want to flip bikes in the future and not losing money is important to you, I highly recommend you just start buying and selling used.

I know many riders that have new bikes every year, but they are always used and often they even make money on them instead of losing.

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