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Best mileage to sell?

What is the best mileage to try and sell a zx10r to recoup some of the money to put down on another bike (zx10r for me)?

I have a 2016 Gen5 with approx 5,000 miles. When is the best time to try and sell it, and get a newer one with less miles? I would prefer to lose as little as money as possible, and retain my mods for the newer bike. I would reinstall OEM, or if it helps to sell, I guess I could keep my mods on the bike (approx 2,000 USD), but again I like these mods and would want to install them on a newer ZX10.

I understand this is a pretty subjective question, but for anyone with experience in buying/selling/flipping bikes, this question is for you!

Any advice here would be appreciated, including Scout - LOL :)
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