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Originally Posted by Iridekawa10r View Post
Yes, I am referring to the manual adjusting screw like the race kit. In the stock kit, you can unlock the lock nut, and use the allen key to adjust it. From what i read in another blog. I am wondering if the mechanic did that. Either way, I will be opening it myself and look through all the wiring and the hoses. Any key pointers to look at will be great. I built the bike myself and ran it for two years. Made a mistake trusting a local mechanic. Should have gone straight to the dealer... Thank you so much for your time. Do let me know if there are some specific things i should look into, might reduce my time in solving this.
The only thing I'd be able to give you advice on, is that screw is very sensitive. Especially given the minimal changes you're looking to do on to to drop it back from 3,000 to 1,150 RPM. Barely move the screw and see how it responds before making another change. Good luck.

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