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Originally Posted by g-man View Post
Perfect! Thanks!

PS, do you still use the stock washer behind the Castle nut?
You can't use the washer it won't allow the nut to fit. Also, I think the stock nut will scratch the numbers off (or maybe that was the stock washer) - make sure you check that.

You should by an aftermarket castle nut that has a washer fabricated in the cast on the inside (the part of the nut that screws on first), if you know what i mean. You want that washer side so that the nut can be properly seated and torqued.

Lots of places sell those anodized aluminum nuts, that should work - just make sure you get the right size of course. I forget what kind I have but mine is titanium, and is thinner than the stock. Looks to be the same thickness as those anodized ones.

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