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Engine Tapping what could it be?

Alright everyone knows about the Kawi Tick right. I have a Tapping sound coming from the engine. Sounds like it's coming directly from the exhaust ports. I have removed the head and checked for any play in the pistons (for possible slipped bearing) no play in all 4 pistons still tapping. I have replaced the cam chain tensioner still tapping. I did a valve clearance check all are well within spec (I checked the manual for the proper clearance) still tapping. I thought maybe it could be the valves so I replaced piston 2 and 3's exhaust valves and its still tapping haha. Any thoughts ?

What I have done to it:
1) Replaced cam chain
2) Replaced cam chain tensioner
3) Checked for rod knock
4) Checked valve clearance
5) Replaced piston 2 and 3 exhaust valves

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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