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Originally Posted by ukzx10r View Post
I wouldnt say im micro observing this but i am observing it yes.
I bought a cap that looks like any other q/r cap but with a full tank it weaps out the breather but i think i sussed it.
Some of the dear ones are identical to mine but they have a tiny tube from the breather hole that you poke down into the tank breather hole so any leakage doesnt spill over the front of the tank.
Im an engineer so if theres a problem a look for the solution and try to fix it.
Not fall back on engineering as we're talking riding and fuel leaking makes riding pia. Just change the cap back and then figure out what went wrong.

I know math so know how to tangle with math language, or engineering language. Indeed, math and riding intersect, but not when fuel is leaking!

you're a lot of fun and enjoy your posts.
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