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How to remove stuck oil filter?

Lets start here. I have been replacing oil for years on my bikes, and tonight for the first time I could not remove the oil filter using a standard oil filter cap. I was pretty upset yeah? Tried a leather belt and nope. Tried stuffing blue shop high absorbent paper towels into the oil filter cap and hammering it on. Nope. Let the assembly cool down and tried again. Nope. The cap would just slide. I was debating hammering a screwdriver through the filter, but refused due to chance of marring threads, spilling oil all over, etc. Thought I would just give up and go buy a filter wrench (the kind with teeth), and try that (that would have probably worked).

Ultimately I watched a youtube video I found by chance, and told me to use paper. Paper instead of paper towels. Alas, this is the digital age, and I have no paper, except spam mail (mostly white paper, some graphics). Oh finally a purpose for all this spam! Double folded the spam and stuffed it into the filter cap. Hammered the filter cap on, and viola, to my amazement, and total glee, it worked! I was pricing a new oil pan before this!!!

So yeah, if you got a stuck filter, do not hammer a screwdriver through it, stick some paper in the filter cap (double folded), hammer it on, and cross your fingers. Worked for me! Or maybe try an actual filter wrench(not the leather strap, but the ones with teeth).
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