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My God, i haven't posted in 3 years. Need some help as well, find me a sprocket.

Hey All

Haven't posted in 3 years. I'm about to fire up the 2005 ZX10 for the first time in 2 years. I'm fat, my leathers don't fit and basically i'm a sad sack of S$%t that needs to get his ass back on a bike again.

I have one problem. I have been out of the loop for some time now. The wheels on the bike are Marchesini Magnesium and it had a 520 kit on it. The shop called and a few teeth broke off (prolly last time i rode it)

I am going to go back to 530, and i need a chain, rear and front sprocket (obviously the rear needing to fit the mags). Now ive done a bit of digging around Bayside performance and picked out a sprocket but for some reason alarm bells rang as i thought it wasn't that easy finding sprockets to fit those wheels. Where there a couple of different sizes (hubs) i can't remember . The wheels would be older now and i don't see any options so i'm curious.

any help appreciated..oh and glad to see the sub alive and well

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