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Originally Posted by ddipaola View Post
My QS is as smooth as butter, but particular. It will be a little jerky if I'm not above 6K RPMs or if I'm not accelerating. First gear ratio is very torquey so I tend not to clutchless upshift out of or downshift into it. I didn't own the bike when it was completely stock, picked it up modded and flashed, so I can't tell you if anything changed post-mods, but I wouldn't doubt a flash improves the "smoothness" as most flashes do.
This is what I'm thinking. I know I said to call me crazy, lol, but seriously the bike would lurch, and I wasn't too happy to QS while moderately leaned in a wide sweeping turn. This is a stock restricted USA model (for you lucky Euro folks).

After flash tune the bike hasn't lurched at all, and I have stronger midrange. This might be in my head - but probably not based on dyno results with same mods.
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